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We are a leading supplier of marine couplings and drive shafts. Our extensive portfolio includes MT compact gear, all steel disc pack LAMIDISC®, rubber IXILFLEX®, steel link LAMILINK and high friction hydraulic JHC-HF couplings, which can be combined with JSS steel solid, JSHS steel hollow and JCFS carbon fiber shafts. We take responsibility on complete solutions for your drives, including seals, bearings, highly elastic couplings and brake systems with no limitation in size.

Due to our commitment to new product development and innovation, we offer a wide variety of flexible, customizable diagnostic and monitoring solutions to help enhance performance, improve equipment reliability and achieve the lowest total cost of ownership, such as torque monitoring and vibration analysis.

We have an experienced and skilled service team worldwide, which can share its expert assistance in designing a predictive and proactive maintenance program under our Jaure and Perceptiv™ brands. Our Perceptiv™ services team can use current infrastructures with new, smart components, or connect securely to our cloud-based system – for 24/7 peace-of-mind, whether onsite or off.”


  • MT compact gear coupling
    For most marine applications, including underwater...

  • Jaure gear couplings are operating for years in a variety of applications such as main propulsion & maneuvring of vessels, dredging including underwater use, fire fighting pumps, winches, etc.

    Tha Jaure MT gear couplings can be also delivered on demand with th 3.2 certificate of any marine Classification Society.

    We are additionally awarded with the Manufacturing Survey Arrangement - MSA from DNV. The MSA certificate is our commitment to continuously improve the service and response time to our customers and remain competitive in the market place.

  • Lamidisc® disc pack coupling
    Non lubricated torsionally stiff disc pack coupling...

  • LAMIDISC coupling is a torsionally stiff coupling with no need for greasing. This fact reduces downtime for maintenance. Also, it is backlash free, which makes it optimal for certain applications, such as pulp and paper, pumps, marine, cooling towers, etc.

    The flexible element is the disc pack. It is composed of a number of stainless steel discs assembled together. In-house testing, supported by finite element analysis, was performed to optimize the disc pack profile. As a result of this testing, the Jaure disc pack design offers one of the highest torque capacities in the industry.

  • Ixilflex® bidirectional rubber link coupling
    For high misalignment...

  • IXILFLEX® coupling was first introduced in windturbines. It has been making inroads for 10 years in other industries, such as marine propulsion, industry, railway and other specific applications like test benches. IXILFLEX coupling is a link type coupling which absorbs misalignment through bushings linked to alternate flanges. These bushings are produced through the vulcanization of rubber to metal parts under high precompression.
  • JCFS Jaure carbon fiber driveshafts
    JCFS composite shafts were first introduced in high speed vessels. They are now making inroads in many other vessels such as dredgers, supply vessels, cruise ships, patrol boats, etc...

  • The demand for light weight solutions pushed many years ago our R+D department to develop Jaure® Carbon Fiber Shafts (JCFS) as an alternative to conventional steel drive shafts.

    Some years ago we launched the JCFS shafts with FIRE PROTECTION (JCFS-FP). In order to meet the demand of certain vessels to have the time to evacuate the personnel in case of fire onboard the vessel. The protection of the composite tubes against fire is optional on demand. For sure JCFS-FP shafts also meet the requirements of Classification Societies and are delivered with the official certificates.

  • JHC and JHC-HF high friction hydraulic couplings
    Hydraulic couplings are widely used on propellers shafts to allow an easy instalation and removal of hubs
    on the shafts....

  • Jaure® hydraulic couplings (JHC) are available on two versions: Shaft to Shaft (JHC-S) and Shaft to Flange (JHC-F) To avoid the use of internal reinforcement sleeve on hollow propeller shafts, Jaure High Friction coupling (JHC-HF) was developed years ago. It can transmit higher torque than conventional JHC by increasing friction between its main torque transmitting components.

    Our JHC can be delivered for inboard and outboard operation. We design customized hydraulic couplings fully made of stainless steel (JHC-SS). Covers can be made to customer request in various materials and configurations. 

  • Lamilink™ steel link coupling
    Lamilink™ steel link complement Lamidisc® disc pack coupling...

  • Main features of Lamilink™ steel link coupling:

    · High misalignment capacity.

    · High torque range.

    · Maintenance free. · Light weight.

    · Easy to handle. · Coated links available.

    · Long life if properly aligned.

    · Low axial stiffness.


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