Dynamax Inc.

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 2015

Dynamax has a wide range of wind and weather instruments, including Intrinsically Safe versions. We offer complete systems with wind speed & direction, wind displays, and other weather parameters. We have weather related equipment for boats, ships, offshore platforms, helipads, and data buoys.


  • OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display
    The OMC-140 is the new self designed and developed multifunctional TFT Display....

  • Whether it is presenting wind information or an indication of other meteorological parameters, the OMC-140 is the ideal instrument.

    Due to its modular design, the OMC-140 may also act as an intelligent signal converter. Furthermore the unit is provided with a memory card slot, in case the OMC-140 should function as a basic data logger as well. In order to have your information available within your network, the unit is also provided with a LAN interface, and with bus-connectors to create a multiple indication and I/O network.

  • WindObserver 65
    The WindObserver 65 is a precision, solid-state ultrasonic anemometer providing wind speed and direction data....

  • The WindObserver 65 is a precision, solid-state ultrasonic anemometer providing wind speed and direction data via 1 digital output and features an IP66 rated stainless steel housing, which is particularly suitable for use in salt-water environments.

    Offering a high wind speed measurement range, this anemometer has an optional anti-icing heating system enabling the sensor to operate effectively in environmental conditions experienced at high altitude or at sea and is recommended for use in aviation, marine and offshore applications.

  • Helideck Monitoring Systems
    The Helideck monitoring system which is designed to measure and visualize all relevant weather conditions in order to ensure maximum safety during helicopter landing and take-off operations....

  • Weather is a crucial parameter for safe helicopter operations. Most of the helipads are located on difficult locations, e.g. near hospitals or offshore. Often there is no weather specialist present to inform the helicopter pilot about the local weather circumstances. During flight operations by night, this can be a big hazard.

    Observator Instruments developed a special weather system for (unmanned) helipads. This professional system is provided with an ATIS module, which informs the pilot by an automatic voice message via the VHF radio.


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