Dallas,  TX 
United States
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Cupix delivers the industry's most powerful and easiest-to-use 3D digital twin platform. We see a world in which owners/operators, shipbuilders, ship maintenance/repair facilities, etc. can visualize resources, workflows, digital services, environmental impact, risks and rewards across all of their assets.

Our real-time 3D digital twin collaboration tool, SiteView, offers life-like virtual remote site navigation, progress tracking, as-built vs BIM analysis, 3D measurements, and 3D annotations. Our solutions are ideal for enabling collaboration of international teams across borders and functions as well as crew training/asset familiarization.

You can instantly share Siteview with global stakeholders with highly granular access permission. Plus, you can see who is online and where they are navigating in real-time, enabling collaboration across teams that's based on what's actually happening, in 3D, on the actual asset.

Our 3D 360° virtual of their accustomized 3D Virtual replicas of ships. These replicas are like a customized Google Street-View, but for the maritime industry. DTM’s models allow maritime companies to manage projects, market, and train crew with the click of a button, from anywhere in the world.

  • Allows for 360° camera, Drone, Laser/Lidar image ingestion to be viewed in one platform
  • Side-by-side timeline comparison (Condition monitoring)
  • BIM Compare (allows for Point Clouds + Pano Bubbles)
  • Geospatial alignment, 3D Measurements, 3D Annotations/Comments/Observations


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