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Fleets worldwide choose KVH for commercial-grade, global connectivity via the No. 1 maritime VSAT network, LTE services, and future-proof antennas. From onboard network design to support in more than 4,000 ports, KVH’s end-to-end solutions provide the business value and the connectivity you need.


  • TracPhone V30
    A 37cm digital SATCOM system, designed for the roughest seas. Choose accessible and affordable VSAT that offers blazing-fast speeds, easy installation, next-generation technology, and flexible airtime plans....

    • The smallest, lightest, lowest powered maritime VSAT system with precision two-axis stabilized pedestal design plus stabilized skew for solid connections in all sea states
    • Simple installation using a single new or existing coaxial cable, rotary joint for unlimited rotation, DC power (optional AC-to-DC power converter available), and compact VSAT-Hub belowdecks unit
    • Global connectivity and crystal-clear voice calls via KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network
    • Powerful network management tools providing valuable insight and control over data usage via KVH Manager
    • Optimized system performance thanks to KVH’s integrated IoT Proactive Monitoring
    • Multi-level Cybersecurity Program with advanced network-level firewall and more
  • TracPhone V3-HTS
    The award-winning and ultra-compact 37 cm Ku-band maritime VSAT system from KVH. Enjoy the power to connect with your office, obtain chart and weather updates, browse the Internet, stream HD content, and more....

    • Rugged design and high-performance 2-axis tracking for rock-solid connections in all sea states
    • Global connectivity and crystal-clear voice calls via KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband HTS network
    • Powerful Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) for system control and network management
    • Up to 1 year of vessel tracking data
    • Multi-level Cybersecurity Program
  • TracPhone V7-HTS
    The 3-axis, gyro-stabilized, 60 cm (24 inch) diameter TracPhone® V7-HTS offers blazing fast, worldwide connectivity via next-generation satellites on the mini-VSAT Broadband HTS Network...

    • Rugged, powerful, compact Ku-band VSAT antenna, 60 cm (24 in) diameter, 26.1 kg (57.6 lbs)
    • Flexible, affordable data plans with speeds as fast as 10 Mbps/3 Mbps (download/upload)
    • Global broadband connectivity with fully integrated network management
    • Two satellite-optimized voice lines with option expansion to up to nine concurrent voice lines
    • Ku-band service for greater resilience to weather and rain fade than Ka-band networks
    • Automatic, fast switching among high-speed network beams
  • KVH AgilePlans
    AgilePlans® by KVH offers everything your fleet needs for better business at sea. The No. 1 maritime VSAT service, award-winning VSAT terminals, free shipping and installation, zero maintenance costs, and more....

  • AgilePlans Global delivers high-speed worldwide service, a choice of rugged commercial-grade hardware, dual channels, and content for operations and crew

    • TracPhone 60 cm and 1 m antenna systems
    • Data speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps
    • High-speed and unlimited use channels
    • KVH crew wellbeing, training, and operations content
    • Free installation, no maintenance costs, no CAPEX

    Agile Plans Regional delivers high-speed worldwide VSAT coverage, an ultra-compact antenna system, and connectivity with no overage charges

    • Choice of TracPhone 37 cm HTS antenna systems
    • Data speeds as fast as 6/2 Mbps
    • High-speed channel 
    • Unlimited email and texting
    • Free installation, no maintenance costs, no CAPEX


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