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OneStep Power Solutions develops and provides safe, minimally invasive electrical testing for robust power systems. 

We help our clients get on charter on time and safely with evidence-backed validation. 


  • Voltage Dip Ride Through Testing
    Safe testing for robust power systems onboard DP vessels....

  • OneStep Power Solutions develops and provides safe, minimally invasive electrical testing for robust power systems.

    We specialize in improving efficiency and reliability in power systems onboard dynamically positioned vessels.

    Our testing systems and our team’s experience in offshore construction and operations, provide our clients with test programs that are robust, reliable, and repeatable.

    Testing programs include
    ● Fault ride through testing
    ● 24V cross-connection validation
    ● Equivalent integrity validation for closed bus
    ● Customer acceptance testing

    Along with our OneStep Power technologies, we also provide power system testing including
    ● Earth fault testing
    ● Primary injection
    ● Secondary injection
    ● Excitation-based testing
    ● Over- and Under-fuelling testing

    Industries we serve include: Offshore, Cruise, Government, and more.

  • ZeroDip
    High-speed breaker switching for controllable testing...

    • Rapid and safe indication of zero-volts ride through
    • Can be performed in shipyard
    • Reduce the risk of additional shipyard time

    High-Speed breaker Control 

  • DCShortCUT
    OneStep Power's DCShortCUT validates the fault tolerance of cross-connected low voltage power supply configurations through in-circuit failure mode testing....

    • Reduces risk by removal of personnel
    • Single integrated test solution reduces cost
    • Repeatable tests with clear pass/fail criteria
    • Vessel protective functions remain “as-is”
    • Invisible to the vessel
    • Responses as if there was an actual fault

    The DCShortCUT is temporarily installed to the system under test. Using a controller and HMI, the DCShortCUT induces a series of faults on the LV DC system. The DCShortCUT provides a safe and reliable method for performing testing, which can be repeated on a regular basis.

    Check out OneStep Power’s latest DCShortCUT case study at


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