Fuel Right Global, LLC

Wilmington,  DE 
United States
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Fuel Right products are multi-purpose additives that very effectively prevent formation of bio-film (sludge), stop MIC corrosion, ensure clean filters and reduce fuel particulates to levels multiple times lower than current ISO 4406 standards. The result is exceptionally clean fuel delivery systems from tank to injectors, cylinders and pistons. Corollary benefits include emission reductions averaging 40-50 percent and restoration of optimal fuel economy. Fuel Right treat ratios range from 1:15,000 to !:30,000; this makes Fuel Right an exceptional value. Fuel Right is currently used in a wide range of fuels, including diesel, heating oil, MDO, MGO, IFO 180 and IFO 380 and is distributed in over 50 countries. Fuel Right is effective anywhere in the fuel distribution system, including storage, transportation and end users. Our customers have found that Fuel Right is a cost avoider and, in premium diesel programs, a very significant revenue source. It literally "Pays to Fuel Right". Fuel Right treats all petroleum based fuels from gasoline to IFO as well as biodiesel. Using Fuel Right results in elimination of biofilm (sludge), clean filters and purifiers, clean injectors, reduced emissions, improved fuel economy and longer engine service life.


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