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ADR Power Systems, Inc. began operations in October of 2015 and specialized in marine transmission maintenance and repair services. Its founders, David Arata and Rick Debord, had a vision for the company based on the basic tenet of reducing customer down-time coupled with quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service. The vision evolved to company culture and going the extra mile became the standard. These values propelled ADR from a two-person operation focused on marine transmissions to a team of over thirty employees supporting a portfolio of marine transmissions, diesel engines, generators, and electronic controls. Today, ADR’s footprint is found along the Southeastern United States, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. The mission is simple; bring back old-school customer service and meet customer needs by executing plans aimed at reducing time-to-service and operational downtime.  


  • Alamarin Jet
    Waterjet propulsion systems.
    Broad range of jet sizes suitable for input power up to 1,500kW / 2040HP input.
    Best power/size/weight characteristics in the market....

  • ADR is the Southeastern United States distributor for Alamarin-Jet products, their accessories and spare parts and service. 

    One of the characteristics about Alamarin-Jet that differentiates its products from the other jets in the market is the timeliness and accuracy of our calculations. Inaccurate data can easily mean the difference between the success and failure of a project; therefore, all orders are required to have an order confirmation with the relevant calculation referenced by number.

    Strengths of Waterjets:
    • Highest maneuverability of all propulsion types, both high speed and slow speed.
    • No spinning propellers in the water. Reduced chance of injury to people, marine animals, reefs.
    • Low draft operation, since nothing protrudes beneath the keel.
    • Higher speed efficiency, up to 60 kts.
    • Lower vibration levels and acoustic signature.

  • ZF Marine Products
    ADR, as a Tier One ZF Dealer, has all the equipment, special tooling, and factory trained technicians to provide service, repair, and overhaul services for all ZF family of marine products....

  • ZF is recognized by its customers as an outstanding and reliable partner for both marine propulsion components as well as complete systems for all types of vessels.

    Know-how, high flexibility and a willingness to work alongside our customers create the prerequisites for finding the appropriate technical solution for each application.

    ZF Marine provides transmissions (reversing, non-reversing and hybrid), propellers, thrusters, steering systems and electronic control systems for a comprehensive range of applications with a power range from 10 to 12,000 kilowatts in commercial and fast crafts as well as in pleasure crafts and yachts.

    The product range is continuously developed and adjusted to meet market requirements. Complying with safety standards, reliability, environmental compatibility, economic operation and customer comfort are top priorities.

  • Neander
    Neander Dtorque
    50 PS 111 NM turbodiesel outboard engine for professional applications...

  • Revolutionary engineering refinement and world-first technology unite to produce the exceptional performance, fuel economy, reliability, comfort, safety and cost-saving benefits of the Dtorque Turbo Diesel outboard. The first serial production diesel outboard with dual crankshaft and the smallest diesel outboard engine with common rail fuel injection, the compact Dtorque is the perfect choice in the mid-power range.

    With a remarkable torque output that peaks at 111 Nm at 2,500 rpm, the Dtorque’s performance surpasses the leading 70 hp fuel-injected, four-stroke gasoline outboards. It offers outstanding ability to power heavy loads at low RPM and get on plane quickly, with fuel consumption averaging just 4 – 5 liters or 11 liters per hour at full throttle. The 804cmÑ twin-cylinder aluminium powerhead delivers 50 hp at the propeller shaft.

    Enhanced safety is a further key benefit of the Dtorque due to the lower flammability of diesel fuel, an essential factor for commercial shipping. Operators will also benefit from cost savings up to 40% with fewer fire safety precautions and requirements. The Dtorque’s best-in-class fuel economy results in lower fuel costs, with lower prices for diesel fuel (partial tax exemption) and fewer refuelling stops, maximized working hours and reduced operating costs.

    The expected lifespan of the Dtorque is more than double that of any comparable gasoline outboard engine and allows for extended service intervals, with less stress on the engine and its suspension. Low noise and vibration levels ensure increased on-board comfort, leading to reduced fatigue and higher productivity.


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