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We are experts in water treatment, water management, and freshwater production. 

Hatenboer-Water has a long history of providing the Maritime & Offshore industry with solutions to generate, treat and maintain 'Safe Water Onboard' (SWOB). The global efforts focus on safe and reliable water quality, nowadays especially with solutions to reduce the use of plastic water bottles. Offering tools to calculate savings in costs, logistics, and showing instantly your ROI.

For 115 years, the privately-owned company has grown to an internationally renowned full-service player in the water treatment market. At Hatenboer-Water they design, construct, and supply fresh water (RO) modules, comprising all relevant components needed for the water production and filtration. Resulting ultimately in the safe consumption of fresh water onboard. Crew can be trained (online) to guard the vulnerable quality of the water and to become aware of the necessity of proper water management.

Through its worldwide network of agents and own offices (Houston, Rotterdam, Dubai and Singapore), the company supports its installed base with local spares and consumables available from stock.


  • Fresh Water Generators
    Get to know our premium quality standard series of Reverse Osmosis water desalination systems. The plug & play, economical solution to offer Safe Water on Board. Cap. 3-100 m3/day, proven track record of 7000+ units worldwide. Delivered out of stock....

    • Easy to install, operate and maintain
    • 12-30 m³ of fresh water per day
    • Complete, plug & play
    • Sharp delivery times
    • Robust relay-based control panel
    • Tried & tested around the globe

    Why Hatenboer-Water

    We know your waters, and have done so for over a century. Rely on our specialist expertise, in-house engineering, design and our professional and modern assembly facilities for the highest quality standard in a solution that is exactly right for you. www.hatenboer-water.com

  • Plastic waste reduction - no more plastic bottles
    How many plastic bottles could you save? What does it mean for your logistics? Get a free report on your ROI and let us show you your savings by using our smart calculator on our website....

  • With water being the most precious of all our sources, we must look at the bigger picture and protect our oceans from plastic pollution. At Hatenboer-Water we realised we had to come with the alternative. Based on our extensive track-record in water management throughout the Maritime & Offshore industry, we are now offering our Plastic Free @Sea solution. 

    Not only does the Plastic Free @Sea solution significantly reduce a shipowners’ ecological footprint, it is providing cost savings too! By eliminating global supply and storage issue, cost savings go well beyond the price of just water and include increased efficiency as well. Bottom line: it entails a contact-free robust bottle filling station, with an additional filtration step.

    Apart from the fact that the crew will be thrilled that they won’t have to handle the numerous plastic bottles, we offer them contact-free, heavy-duty water dispensers. Attractive-looking, stainless steel units that allow your crew to consume water from your vessel in a responsible, safe and effective manner. Still reluctant to drink tap water? Hatenboer-Water invested in a tool kit to inform and convince your crew this is the best alternative. See www.safewateronboard.com/crew.

    Depending on your drinking water lay-out, you install the compact Everpure MRS-225 CC reverse osmosis unit just before the water dispenser. The unit has been specially configured by Hatenboer-Water to stand up to onboard water lay-outs. The 3-step MRS-225 concept guards against taste and odour causing contaminants while removing dirt, particulates and dissolved minerals that can adversely affect taste of water and beverages.

    Plastic Free @Sea: the economical solution to stop using single use plastics on board. 

  • Hadex chlorination - disinfection technologies
    Hygiene on board: Hadex drinking water disinfection and chlorination. It is overall effective: disinfects water tanks, pipelines and all water fed equipment. Tested & approved by maritime authorities available worldwide....

  • When stored on board, water is prone to fouling and bacterial growth. In order to prevent this and keep your water supply, crew and passengers safe, upgrade your water storage and distribution system with drinking water disinfection technologies such as Ultra Violet water disinfectionCopper/Silver ionisation or our Hadex drinking water disinfectant and chlorination. For larger or more complex installations, one water disinfectant technology is often insufficient. 

    Combine drinking water filter systems and technologies for additional water treatment and healthy working conditions, complying with health regulations such as NIPHMLC etcetera. 

    Use Hadex® drinking water disinfectant in order to keep your water and water supply system clean, including all tanks, pipelines and water fed equipment. It is a sodium hypochlorite based, safe, effective and continuous disinfectant for drinking water. Easy to use, with a very long shelf life.

    Not sure what steps you should make, consult our water quality department. Rely on our vast expertise for advice on the solution, product and water disinfection technologies most suitable for your situations and requirements. Our drinking water experience spans well over 100 years!

  • Hot water sets
    Our freshwater range includes different hot water calorifier types, specifically designed for maritime applications. Sturdy elements are offshore-proof and guaranteed to last for a long lifespan. If requested, we can supply you with a plug & play skid....

  • Our fresh water range includes different hot water calorifier types, specifically designed for maritime applications. The inner tank is available with stainless steel (30-1000 litres) or copper (1000-3000 litres) lining. The outside cover is made of epoxy coated steel plates. 

    Key features

    • Customisation options
    • Plug & play set-up
    • Durable, sturdy design
    • Easily installed
    • Horizontal models available

    The calorifiers are manufactured standard as models with a stainless steel inner tank or copper lined inner tank. The stainless steel version is available in volumes from 30 to 1000 litres and the copper lined types are available in volumes from 1000 to 3000 litres. Horizontal models are available. 

    Options for heating sources: electricity, steam, hot water or thermal oil, or indeed whatever is in use and available. Electrical heating can be used as main heating or as back-up heating, or in combination with other heating sources.


    • Electrical connection box for electrical heating
    • Hot water circulation pumps for tap water
    • Horizontal configuration
    • Build on skid

  • Elkay contact free water bottle filling stations
    The Elkay water bottle filling stations have been fitted for maritime conditions, providing fresh water on the spot. The units show the number of saved plastic bottles. Switch to the green alternative and save on logistics and costs....

  • The Elkay drinking water bottle fillings stations formed the basics for our Plastic Free @Sea concept. You can use water bunkered or produced on your vessel, which is far less expensive than using disposable water bottles.

    And what to think of savings due to reduced (none) handling? Apart from the fact that the crew will be thrilled that they won’t have to handle the numerous plastic bottles, we offer them contact free, heavy duty water dispensers. Attractive looking, stainless steel units that allow your crew to consume water from your vessel in a responsible, safe and effective manner. 

    Make the switch today to a better and safer alternative with the Elkay hands free water station and stainless steel bottles which are designed for use in maritime environments.

    Read the specs of the contact free water bottle filling stations on our website. When you are interested how it fits in your vessel's lay-out or what your saving could be for your organisation please contact us or check the information on our Plastic-Free @Sea concept at www.hatenboer-water.com where a calculator has been provided to show your ROI and savings on logistics and costs.

    Bring an immediate halt to the investment and handling of high volumes of water bottles, choose the green alternative!

  • Filter houses, cartridges and media
    We supply solutions for an effective water filtration process: from efficient water filter devices and water filter cartridges to superior melt-blown filters and wound depth cartridges....

  • A thorough water filtration prevents damage or blockage of water mains, reducing downtime and maintenance. Proper filtration of your source water removes sand, grit, silt, rust and other impurities from your water system.     

    The right materials for your water filtration    

    We design and manufacture high quality filtration installations for industrial and offshore applications. World wide stocks of filter elements, water filtration products and filtration media are available from our offices and agents.

    Small or large scale applications     

    Our water filtration products can be used for:

    .. and other options for filter housings, water filtration treatment, filter bags and cartridges.

    Contact our experts to find out which water filtration products would suit your installation best!

  • Test kits / equipment for onboard monitoring
    Our test kits make water quality monitoring easy. Our product range includes different types of kits, suitable for specific environments and situations. Use our kits in order to ensure your compliance with regulations such as MLC and NIPH/NMA....

  • Our product range includes test kits for different environments and water qualities. For use in maritime or offshore environments, for checking boiler or cooling water or for example for checking Legionella in your drinking water system, just to name a few. 

    Not sure which test kit would suit you best? Contact our consultants for advice on use and application of these reliable and user friendly water quality tools. 

  • Regular sampling: water quality testing
    Make sure you comply with applicable health and safety regulations with our water sampling services. Order our self-sampling kits (when access should be limited) or book a personal visit from our sampling professionals who are operating worldwide....

  • Does one of our standard test options suffice or do you need a bacteriological examination? Water testing is required by the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the WHO, but in different regions you may need to comply with additional drinking water related regulations. Unsure about compliance issues for specific regions? Our experienced consultants are happy to advise you accordingly.   

    In addition to an analysis of the different bacteria resident in the water, we can identify bacteria such as Coliform, E.coli or intestinal enterococci and make sure everything is properly documented for you.

  • Water quality consultancy services
    Get advise on water systems, offshore water management and prevention of corrosion, contamination or bacterial growth in your water mains or tanks. With over 30 years of experience, we provide practical services....

  • Clean and healthy water for drinking, showering, catering and all other applications. Sounds simple, but where to start? A well-designed distribution system is a basic condition for this, as are the HSE-required routines for operation, control and maintenance. Our experienced staff of water professionals includes water quality consultants that help you stay safe and compliant.  

    Proper water management ensures the water for drinking or other uses on board is safe; clean and healthy. In our water quality consultant role we advice you on keeping your water free from pollution or threats such as Legionella. A well-designed distribution system is a basic condition for this, as are the HSE-required routines for operation, control and maintenance.

    HSE requirements for drinking water on board

    Our water management plans (potable water manuals) are required to be present and in use on your vessel according to the Ship Sanitation guidelines of the World Health Organisation. The water safety related plans cover all proper drinking water management procedures and maintenance you will need for compliance with applicable health and safety guidelines in different parts of the oceans and offshore areas. For more information, please contact one of our consultants and read more on the HSE-website. 

    Online consultancy in challenging times

    Even if we are unable to visit your vessel, we can still provide you with advise on how to limit the risks of contamination. We provide desktop risk analysis based on the vessels drawings of the piping system, the available water treatment and the most recent water analysis. Keeping your piping system free from contamination is crucial for a safe environment on board. 

  • Potable water courses - legionella awareness
    We want to support your water management on board with the Legionella Awareness online module. By improving your knowledge on Legionella and its potential hazards, you can prevent vessel and crew downtime....

  • Proper management of your water production and distribution processes prevents pollution, bacterial growth and corrosion. It keeps water on board suitable for consumption and free from contamination threats such as Legionella. In our water treatment courses, you will learn about all relevant water quality topics. It covers required health and safety issues as well as technical information, plenty of practical examples and exercises.  


    We want to support your water management on board with the Legionella Awareness online module. By improving your knowledge on Legionella and its potential hazards, you can prevent vessel and crew downtime.

    Integral water management

    Staff responsible for health and safety and water related issues should be trained in their knowledge on potable water issues and hazard prevention. Our water management courses are highly interactive and informative and can be tailored to your requirements. In our classic water purification courses, our water quality experts share their experiences and knowledge about all topics related to water quality and prevention of health threats. In 2-days  the following aspects are covered:

    • Compliance with NIPH and Ship Sanitation regulations
    • Experienced trainers
    • Water treatment solutions
    • Disinfection principles
    • Awareness of health risks
    • Testing and analysis understanding



Please feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@divcom.com, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!