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For 75 years, La Marche Manufacturing has been providing battery chargers and power conversion products to the Marine Market. La Marche marine products are designed, manufactured and tested in the United States specifically for boats and other marine applications. La Marche is dedicated to the development and production of innovative quality products to meet customer’s electrical power requirements. La Marche products include Battery Chargers, Isolation Transformers, UPS, Rectifiers, Inverters and others. We serve the Marine, Utility, Telecommunication, Engine Start, Material Handling, Railroad, and Mining markets. La Marche is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


  • MSM Battery Charger
    The La Marche MSM Series is a Smart High Frequency Switch Mode charger specifically developed for Marine and Engine Starting applications....

  • MSM series incorporates Power Factor Correction (PFC) Circuitry with a wide input voltage range in order to accommodate many marine charging applications. The MSM has an Integrated Battery Charge Divider / Isolator which provides connections for charging up to three independent batteries simultaneously with a three-stage charge cycle. MSM’s filtered output is suitable to charge different types of batteries for Marine/Industrial applications. This series is equipped with an LCD display for ease of navigation through the configurations menu. The LCD also displays Input AC voltage, Output DC Voltage & Current, and Alarm Status. The front of the unit provides three status LED indicators for the overall status of the system. The MSM charger is built in a robust, non-corrosive enclosure that addresses harsh environments, meeting stringent safety and regulatory standards. MSM chargers can be used inside engine rooms as this series is ignition protected 33 CFR 183.410 compliant.

    Standard Features:

    • Smart Microprocessor Controlled High Frequency Charging Technology
    • Single Phase AC Input 102-264VAC, 45-65Hz
    • Complete Isolation from AC to DC
    • LCD Digital Voltmeter & Ammeter
    • Current Limit Protection
    • Filtered Output for VRLA (Gel-Cell & AGM) Batteries
    • Battery Isolator (Charge Divider allows for charging up to three Batteries Simultaneously)
    • Input & Output Fuses
    • On/Off Switch with Disable Option
    • AC Voltage Metering
    • Conformal Coated Circuit Boards
    • Internal or External Temp. Compensation w/Disable Option (24ft Probe Included)
    • Audible Charger Failure Alarm with LED Indicator and Form “C” Dry Relay Contacts
    • IP22/NEMA Type 2 (with dripshield)
    • 33 CFR 183.410 - Ignition Protection
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Meets ABS & USCG Requirements
    • CE Certified
    • 2-Year Warranty
  • A41/A41F Constavolt Battery Charger
    The La Marche model A41/A41F battery chargers are renowned throughout the industry like the Constavolt because of their reliability and their precise and constant output voltage to charge your batteries....

  • These battery chargers can supply DC power for all ship board accessories while they simultaneously charge and keep your vessel batteries properly maintained. A wide range of A41/A41F Constavolt models are offered from 12 to 130 Volts DC to suit your needs. The Constavolt is a completely automatic, solid state, constant voltage battery charger built to carry continuous and intermittent loads up to 80% of its maximum rated output capacity.

     • Magnetic Amplifier Technology
     • Available AC Input: 120VAC to 240VAC (50Hz or 60Hz)
     • Available DC Output: 12VDC, 24VDC, 32VDC and 130VDC
     • Automatic DC Voltage Regulation
     • Automatic AC Input Voltage Compensation ±10%
     • Dual AC Input and DC Output Fusing
     • Analog DC Ammeter
     • DC Current Limiting Circuitry
     • AC to DC Isolation
     • Accessories Include a Drip Shield, ON/OFF Switch & Water
     • Tight Connectors
     • Model A41F is Filtered for Valve-Regulated Batteries
     • Limited 10 Year Warranty

  • ITSM Marine Isolation Transformer
    The ITSM is conservatively designed for continuous operation in harsh marine conditions inside an engine room environment....

  • The danger of electrical shock and galvanic corrosion are greatly increased whenever 120V or 240V AC shore power is connected to a ship’s electrical system. The function of the La Marche Marine Isolation Transformer is to reduce the potential between the ship and the shore in order to achieve:

    • Personnel boarding the ship, personnel aboard the ship and the ship’s metal parts will not be subject to electrical shock
    • Electrolysis corrosion of the metal hull or hull fastenings will be reduced to a safe level
    • Reduce EMI Interference and static from affecting the ship’s electronic component

    The La Marche Marine Isolation Transformer features a Ground (Faraday) Shield between the power windings. This ground shield, when connected to the shore ground, provides protection against capacitive coupling between the shore power and the boat’s electrical systems. This protects the boat electrical equipment against shore power issues, common mode voltage spikes, and the transfer of harmful energy between both systems.

    Reliable, Long Life - The ITSM is conservatively designed for continuous operation in harsh marine conditions inside an engine room environment. Trouble Free - Silent convection cooling eliminates the need for noisy fans and filter maintenance. There are not external controls or adjustments. 

    Specifications and Ratings

    • Earth Ground and Ship Ground Galvanic Isolation
    • Ground (Faraday) Shield
    • Water - Tight Cables Entry
    • Harsh Environment Tropicalization (Glyptol Dip)
    • NEMA 3R Robust Enclosure Design
    • Same as ITS Series


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