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United States
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KEENAN FILTERS® have been designed with the industry’s first integrated interconnects and passages within the filter manifold. These interconnects make for a sleeker functioning unit that for the first time can port clean fuel directly into the off-line filter. This allows the operator to drain the fuel bowl contaminates, replace the filter element, and then top off the filter quickly with no mess. 

KEENAN FILTERS® have all the exclusive Fuel Management Systems features of the previous FilterBOSS that include a Dual Fuel Filter System, Optional Remote Filter Switch, Integrated Fuel Pump, Filter Filler, Fuel Polishing, Easy System Testing with Vacuum and Pressure Gauges, Flow Site and Water Detection.

KEENAN FILTERS® have applications for Power Generation, Commercial/Industrial, Transportation and Marine Industries, as well as other applications where Fuel Management Systems would be beneficial for the clean running of diesel engines


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