Greenbrier Marine

Portland,  OR 
United States
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Located on a deep-water site in Portland, Oregon, our facility has built a diverse portfolio of more than 2,000 marine vessels since 1919. Our emphasis is on ocean-going barges, including heavy-lift deck barges, double-hull tank barges, articulated barges (ATBs), railcar/deck barges, split-hull dump barges and hopper barges for aggregates and other heavy industrial products.

Our manufacturing capabilities leverage the latest engineering software, training programs, and state-of-the-art fabrication technologies & techniques with a strong focus on safety. The result is proven innovation to deliver the highest quality vessels, on time and on budget.

We’re fully equipped with the longest side-launch ways on the West Coast, in-house burning and etching capability with state of the art high definition plasma burning tables, CNC controlled profile cutting machine, a covered indoor panel line for efficient production of maximum tonnage, (two) 200-ton whirly cranes to optimize modular construction, and a 1,200-foot, fully-equipped outfitting dock and strive to achieve: 

  • Adherence to the highest safety standards
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Reliable, on-time delivery
  • Efficient production
  • Competitive pricing

Our team includes industry experts who take great pride in their work—veterans who are dedicated to transforming our customers’ visions into efficient marine vessels that exceed their expectations.


  • Articulated Tug and Barge Units (ATBs)
    Greenbrier Marine is the premier builder of articulated tug and barges (ATB’s), successfully constructing and delivering 7 major Oil and/or Chemical ATB barges since 2015.


  • Articulated barges can handle larger loads at higher speeds due to their innovative design. The unique feature of an articulated barge is the way it connects to the tug with a rigid, hinge-style connection that allows the tug and the barge to move independently. This increases efficiency in choppy ocean waters that would otherwise pose problems for traditional barges. We have experience constructing several different styles of the ATB connection systems and utilize specialized welding sequence methods to ensure that the barge ladder is perfectly aligned to accept the pins from the tug. Greenbrier Marine’s articulated barges are an attractive alternative to towed barges and self-propelled tankers due to their improved reliability, lower capital and operating costs, increased operating efficiency, and short manufacturing time.

  • Heavy Lift Deck Cargo Barges
    From heavy break bulk equipment to containers to vehicles, these barges are extremely versatile....

  • Deceptive in their simplicity, our deck cargo barges are built to meet a variety of cargo needs and specialized operating environments. We have constructed barges that can accommodate deck loadings up to 6,000 lb/sq ft. We have constructed heavy lift deck barges to 120 feet wide and can go even wider to capitalize on the new greater Panama Canal width. Our innovative construction techniques have been proven to save the operators lightship weight and increase their cargo carrying capacity. Let us review your current designs to see where we can increase your cargo capacity.
  • Split-Hull Hopper Barges
    Split-Hull Hopper Barges (Dump Scows) are unique vessels that carry shipments such as sand, soil, waste and dredged material....

  • The differentiating design feature of a dump scow is the ability to release contents through the underside of the barge by hinging the barge open to dump the cargo. Greenbrier Marine is the recognized industry leader in the construction of these vessels. We have proven construction methods to ensure that the large hinges are perfectly aligned and that the integrity of the seal formed by the two watertight hulls is maintained.


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