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Shadow Tool Company is home to the Shadow Tool Staging Systems design and built for effective hand tool management and use. Shadow was designed for tool use not tool storage.

Shadow Tool Staging Systems' time saving design provides open access which is barrier-free for continuous physical & visual access to hand tools held in dedicated positions, speeding up tool selection/return, allowing simple visual inventory control and reduce physical motion demands. The body motions for processing tools for use every day can be reduced by up to 66% per tool. This all saves ergonomic strain and removes unproductive manhours resuting in rapid returns on invesment by saving typically 30-90 minutes per day per mechanic.

If digital data is required for work the Shadow system, with electronic device support & all power options on board, can save an additional 30-90 minutes/day/mechanic. The higher end time savings are for mechanics who leave the point-of-work to walk to a computer station to access data. Removing wastes steps increases productivity and reduces mechanic fatigue. 


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  • Shadow Tool Staging Systems
    Shadow (toolbox alternative) provides open physical/visual access to hand tools plus physical control and power supply support for electronic devices (laptop/ notebook) at the point-of-work to keep work on task plus allows accurate tool inventory control....

  • Shadow Tool Staging Systems are an alternative to the toolbox. Shadow systems were designed for tool use not tool storage so the design speeds the tool processing time for the mechanic. This means faster hand tool access and return times, electronic device (laptop/notebook) physical support and charging capabilities and simple tool inventory control, while also relieving the physical strain caused by using a large volume of tools.

    Shadow does this by providing open physical and visual access to tools with the 5S lean maufacturing principles. Shadow is also supported on 8" casters for an unprecidented ability to easily move the tools with reduced physical strain to an exact point-of-work. This allows tools to be positioned for the best tool processing position.

    Shadow helps keep work on schedule, track tool inventory to reduce tool loss expenses and instances of FOD and reduces the physical strain in an already physically demanding job. Shadow helps to keep the mechanics head in the game by reducing concerns about tracking tools and trying to access electronic data.


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