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The Shearer Group, Inc. (TSGI) is a full service Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering and Marine Surveying firm headquatered in Houston, TX.  TSGI is a global leader for the design of inland work vessels, including towboats, tank barges, crane barges, deck barges, hopper barges, dredges, derrick barges, dump scows, drydocks and passenger vessels. We have a rich history of providing naval architecture, marine engineering, and marine surveying services to the marine industry, with a focus on the inland sector.  


2400CY Dump Scow


  • Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
    TSGI offers naval architect and marine engineering services for all manner of inland work vessels including: marine construction equipment, dredges, crane barges, deck barges, tank barges, towboats and ferries....

  • TSGI offers design services from the conceptual design through the detail design and shipyard support. Some of TSGI’s design services include but are not limited to hull design, structural design and analysis, stability analysis, 3-D Structural design, and weight estimating. TSGI’s marine engineering practice focuses on the design of new vessels, repowering’s and mechanical and electrical upgrades. TSGI has been a key participant in the revolutionary changes to the inland waterways industry, including developing the design for the first Z drive towboats, the largest Z Drive towboats, diesel electric towboats, and the first LNG powered towboats. TSGI works with its clients to understand the needs and requirements of each client, and designs vessels specifically to meet those needs, whether Z drive or conventional. 

  • Marine Surveying
    TSGI offers marine surveying and construction oversight to vessel owners, charters, and operators....

  • TSGI offers marine surveying and construction oversight to vessel owners, charters, and operators. This provides TSGI with a comprehensive picture of a client’s operation, and allows us to deliver on their specific needs and desires. These services can be in support of new construction projects, modifications, regularly scheduled dry docks or more comprehensive maintenance periods. TSGI also offers the following surveys: condition and valuation, trip and tow, and damage assessment. Satisfied TSGI clients understand the value of having one cohesive team that includes naval architects, marine engineers and marine surveyors, accomplish all of these phases of vessel creation and operation.               

  • Crane Barges Design Engineering
    TSGI provides crane barge design services. Designs up to 1200T crane capacities have been developed and constructed from our designs....

  • TSGI has extensive design experience for crane and derrick barges of all shapes and sizes, from 10T to 1200T crane barge designes to operate inland and offshore.  Experience with USACE EM 385-1 requirements for crane barges.
  • Dump Scow Design Engineering
    TSGI has a range of designs ready from 300CY to 7000CY Dump Scows....

  • TSGI has ready to build designs for split hull dump scows for inland and offshore applications.  Sizes range from 300CY to 7000CY, but any size can be designed to fit your requirements.  
  • Dry Dock Design Engineering
    TSGI has experience with providing designs for dry docks from 500T to 60,000T capacities....

  • TSGI has experience with designing dry docks from 150' to 600' in length, ranging from 500T - 60,000T lift capacities in various configurations.  Design experience includes designs compliant with DD 1625 and USCG SFLC 8634.
  • Tank Barge Design Engineering
    TSGI provides design services for tank barges and bunkering barges including LNG, chemical, and petroleum barges for both inland and offshore routes....

  • TSGI has been designing tank barges for decades.  Our experience with inland and offshore barges includes petroleum, petro chemical, acids, LNG, & LPG tank barges and bunkering barges.  
  • Towboat Design Engineering
    TSGI can provide design services for new towboats based on our cutting edge and optimized hull designs from 50' to 160', in power ranges from 800HP to 10,000HP. Designs can be combined with electric drives, Z Drives, and conventional propulsion....

  • TSGI has been leading the inland industry on innovative towboat designs.  From the first Z Drive towboat design for Southern Towing, to the first 6000+ HP inland Z drive towboat design and with multiple LNG conversions in progress, we are your place for designs worthy of operating for the next 40 years.  We have stock designs available from 50' to 160' ready to build.  Designs include conventional propulsion, Z Drive, diesel electric, hybrid, and telescoping pilothouses.  
  • Passenger and Vehicle Ferry Design Engineering
    TSGI provides design services for passenger and vehicle ferries for both public and private sectors. Designs include diesel electric, hybrid, all electric variations....

  • TSGI brings its extensive workboat experience to passenger and vehicle ferries to improve operations and safety.   Experience with passenger only and car/passenger ferries with industry leading designs including hybrid technology.
  • Dredge Equipment Design Engineering
    TSGI provides cutting design engineering and modification engineering for dredge equipment, dredge multi purpose vessels and derrick barges....

  • Work with TSGI on your next dredge equipment design project.  Experience with inland and coastal dredges, including self propelled, non self propelled, split hull hopper dredges, dredge and ladder modifications, and construction oversight. 


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