Rustibus Inc

Houston,  TX 
United States
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Rustibus is designed to de-scale and power brush ship decks, hatch covers, tank tops, etc. free from old coating and rust. These standards are obtained without time consuming and costly methods of removing old paint and rust. Rustibus are the most powerful mechanical de-scalers available and do not damage the steel surface beneath. The Rustibus de-scaling machines have been in operation since 1978 and have proven themselves to be reliable and requiring a minimum of maintenance. The key to the success of Rustibus is the use of specially prepared chain links to achieve these results. Rustibus can be operated by one person with no special training. All Rustibus models are delivered ready to use,with a operation - safety manual and spare parts list. SAFE EDGE by RUSTIBUS is a quality, durable and reliable product. Manufactured with a high visibility foot-rail and reflective cover that protects when the inspection hatch is open. It’s simple fitting and locking mechanism makes this a safer environment for your crew and maintenance teams, day and night. In the Summer of 2018 we launched the “Rustibus Clean Ocean Initiative (RCOI)”. The “Rustibus Clean Ocean Initiative” is a global program where we will promote and collaborate with our clients to reduce plastic & waste in the oceans.


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