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Restech Norway started manufacturing pneumatic line throwers, PLT, in 1989. Since then, the product portfolio has been increased and consist now of PLT Solas, PLT Multi, PLT Mini and PLT Concepts. The PLT Solas and Multi was recently found to be the best available technology for emergency towline deployment by Glosten through a sea trial. The technical quality was categorized as superior to similar systems on the market. One of the benefits is that there is no expiry date for the units, hence it’s a long-term investment saving cost as well as the environment from unnecessary waste and use of resources. The PLT Complies with subchapter M for tugs and is USCG approved, and DOT approved. It also holds a MED B, MED D and type approval certificate for international operations. Restech has a global presence through dealers. 


  • Pneumatic Line Thrower - PLT Solas
    The PLT® Solas Launching Unit works on either 2900 psi or 4350 psi and is refilled by using a high-pressure air compressor. It is Solas approved with USCG, MED B, MED D and Type approval certificates....

  • Used in an emergency situation to establish an initial messenger line connection between a disabled oceangoing vessel and a responding vessel at sea for the purposes of connecting emergency towing gear.

    A study done by Glosten in Seattle, ranked the PLT Solas as the Best Available Technology for this type of scenario.

    See the report here

    Learn about the PLT Solas here

  • Pneumatic Line Thrower - PLT Multi
    The PLT® Launching Unit has a toolbox of 11 different projectiles and 4 different launching tubes....

  • The multi-purpose launching unit is perfect for an operator that wants to combine different projectiles for various operations or tasks without using more than one launcher.

    In the maritime environment users typically choose the PLT® Multi as deck equipment for operational reasons, stand by and to comply with SOLAS regulations. Some of the projectiles has specific purposes, like SOLAS LTA requirements, picking up lines, or for general purpose such as heaving a line from point A to B.

    The PLT® Multi opens a wide range of possibilities for a user. We are happy to discuss solutions that can be helpful for you as a user. We can also adjust to your requirement and even tailor make a solution for you through our PLT® Concepts department. We are committed to share our knowledge on pneumatic line throwers to solve your tasks.

    Learn about the PLT Multi here

  • Pneumatic Line Thrower - PLT Mini
    The PLT® Mini is a light weight shoulder launched line thrower. It is very popular among users both at sea and on land, who requires a mobile line thrower....

  • We currently have 9 different projectiles that can be used in various types of operations with a wide range of lines.

    The PLT® Mini is not regulated by any international regulations. This means that the pre-defined sets are defined by our end users and their requirements. Some are specially made for Rescue Organizations operating at sea and on land. Other sets are common for Fire brigades and other for commercial and offshore shipping activity.

    You are welcome to define your own set according to your requirements

    The launching distances varies from 30 to 100 horizontal meters, depending on the projectile and line in use.

    It is often used for transferring lines in both work and rescue operations at sea and on land.

    Learn more about the PLT Mini here


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