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Maritime Protection AS - A leading supplier of cost efficient, fully engineered Inert gas and N2 systems for Barges and Jones act tankers.

As a market-leading expert for the maritime industry, we have a range of inert gas generator solutions to suit your needs - no matter how complex your requirements - all built to the highest safety standards in accordance with SOLAS, FSS Code, ABS rules and CG requirements.

Our engineers will assist in all disiplines through the vessels lifetime, from the naval architect designing the vessel to after sales / service during operation.


  • Inert Gas system
    Solution for vessels carrying cargo producing hydrocarbon vapour, and that require an inerting solution to eliminate the risk of explosions and fires in the cargo tanks....

  • Inert Gas Generator Solutions

    Vessels carrying cargo producing hydrocarbon vapour require an inerting solution to eliminate the risk of explosions and fires in the cargo tanks. This can be achieved by keeping the oxygen content below 8%, a standard set by IMO. The Maritime Protection Inert Gas Generator (IGG) system is a combustion solution that creates inert gas containing oxygen less than 5%. A series of Maritime Protection Inert Gas systems designed and delivered for different applications have been the key choice for the marine market since the 1980s.

    The main purpose of the inert gas production plant is to produce the required quantity of inert gas with the specified oxygen content. The overall inert gas system consists of a combustion air blower, feeding air to the generator where the production of inert gas takes place. The generator has a design capacity as specified, and is automatically operated. In case the produced inert gas capacity is larger than the demand, the system automatically reduce its production.

  • Nitrogen System
    This system is designed to protect transportation of flammable and sensitive cargo....

  • Maritime Protection Nitrogen system, first introduced in 1984. Nitrogen systems are needed for ships to stay compliant with regulations and to protect transportation of flammable and sensitive cargo. As an inert gas medium, nitrogen is the purest, and thereby the preferred solution for applications where cargo contamination could be an issue.
    The Maritime Protection nitrogen system is based on membrane technology and designed in accordance with SOLAS, IMO MODU Code and other standards for the maritime markets. The system is delivered with all necessary approvals.

    Nitrogen systems typically consist of three major sections – compressor(s), generator, and storage and distribution system. Depending on your application, the nitrogen can be delivered directly to the cargo or void space, or stored in a receiver for later use.


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