Vard Marine Inc.

Vancouver,  BC 
  • Booth: 1943

Vard Marine Inc. is a consulting naval architecture and marine engineering company established in July 1983. Since its inception,Vard Marine has established an impressive client base including shipbuilders, shipowners, ship operators and government agencies. The company offers professional design engineering and shipbuilding technology services to clients throughout North America and internationally. The services we provide include all aspects of ship design and production technology; total equipment and service packages to support offshore and domestic shipbuilding activities; transportation, economic and technical feasibility studies; research and analytical investigations; model tests and full scale trials.

Vard Marine specializes in the development of advanced technologies and its application to vessel designs for both commercial and military vessels.  The wide range of vessel designs offered include offshore support and construction, LNG bunkering, offshore wind and renewables support vessels, offshore and coastal patrol vessels, passenger vessels and ferries, icebreakers, research vessels, and floating plant barges, to name a few. 

To meet the high level of expertise required to provide innovative and effective solutions to clients' demands, Vard Marine employs more than 120 people between its three offices in Vancouver, BC, Ottawa, ON and Houston, TX.  The combined educational background and diverse practical experience of our staff makes for a dynamic team ready to face any challenge.


  • VARD 4 19 Offshore Windfarm SOV
    The VARD 4 19 is a highly capable large offshore windfarm Service Operation Vessel (SOV) capable of carrying up to 90 technicians in superior comfort on an operationally impressive platform....

  • It's DP-2 redundancy configuration and performance is supplemented by an optional energy storage system allowing for hybrid and battery only periods of operation. The articulating gangway and 3D motion compensated crane provide enormous flexibility and performance for all windfarm support operations. 

    Combined with an optimized hullform to deliver low vessel motion responses to varying sea states and a vessel configuration to support 28 days endurance, this SOV is a true offshore windfarm technician’s operating tool.

  • VARD 9 511 7.6k LNG Bunker Vessel
    The VARD 9 511 7.6k LNG bunker vessel is a double sided, dual azimuth propelled bunker vessel for Liquefied Natual Gas that will operate in North America....

  • It is designed for easy and safe maneuvering for operations in confined areas near receiving vessels as it will be fitted with dual azimuthing thrusters and two bow thrusters. An optional DP system can be provided to allow automatic stationkeeping.

    It will operate primarily on gas and will be dual-fuel electric with a back-up battery system setup to act as a spinning reserve, providing an additional level of redundancy and confidence. The cargo area will have single bottom and double side structure with independent cargo tanks. 


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