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Imtra Corporation is your leading source for quality systems for commercial applications. With 65 years of experience in the marine business, Imtra has sales and support teams in 10 regions throughout North America. Every product is backed by the company’s renowned full-service department and professional customer service group. This team has extensive product knowledge and offers solid technical expertise and a deep commitment to personal service that set us apart. We have the know-how to put together the very best systems for your needs. We offer the top brands that have consistently set industry standards, including NorSap Helm Chairs & Bridge Consoles, KPM-Marine Advanced Crew Seating, Exalto and Roca Wiper Systems and Decca Straight Line Wipers, SolaCure Solar Blinds, Sleipner Thrusters & DHR Advanced Searchlights, Lilaas Controls, Libra doors & Hatches, Den Haan Navigation Lights & Imtra LED lighting solutions, and KPM-Marine Bilge Pumps and Engine Room Ventilation Systems. Imtra is the top choice for shipbuilders, naval architects, repair yards, owners & operators worldwide.


  • Seating
    Rugged Helm Chairs from Norsap and KPM-Marine...

  • We offer solutions from Norsap and KPM Marine.  Perfect for rugged environments where high quality and comfort are crucial. NorSap offers a wide selection of standard and custom solutions that have become the choice of commercial marine and offshore, oil and gas, ROV and navies throughout the world.  KPM is the leader in light weight suspension seating, setting the standard for industries such as the High-speed Crew Transfer vessels servicing the windfarm industry.
  • Victron Energy Power Management
    Victron offers chargers, converters, solar and battery management...

  • Victron Energy is an industry leader in power management.  Their Bluetooth, smart-integrated technology allows for easy monitoring and solutions for all the electrical needs of your vessel including chargers and converters, solar and battery management and Lithium batteries.
  • Sola-Cure Solar Blinds
    Sun shades and blackout blinds available for all shapes and sizes....

  • Sola-Cure Solar BlindsUV protection sun shades for the maritime industry.Sola-Cure Solar Blinds are high quality roller window shades. Durable yet lightweight and easy to install, they are available to suit any size and shape of window. They are supplied with UV protection and anti-glare, as well as black-out blinds.   
  • Commercial Lighting
    Wide range of lights that provide solutions for all aspects of the vessel to meet your needs...

  • Imtra has decades of experience in supplying lighting solutions for marine applications.  We are highly selective in our product offering and use our expertise to ensure the best quality products and the right solutions are available for you.  We support our products through all facets of the products life from selections to installation to operation.  Imtra makes the sourcing process easy for shipboard lighting solutions and we can help engineer the right components to make it all work. 
  • Zipwake Dynamic Trim Control Systems
    Interceptors in a variety of shapes and sizes...

  • Zipwake, a Dynamic Trim-Control System that is set to revolutionize the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, Zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption- whatever the conditions.  A few of the many features include: COMFORT AND SAFETY - Dynamically eliminates uncomfortable and dangerous boat pitch and roll. PERFORMANCE AND FUEL ECONOMY - Automatically minimizes wave resistance and saves fuel. INTUITIVE AND PRECISE CONTROL- Innovative 3D controls provide unmatched control of running trim, heel or heading. DURABLE AND EFFECTIVE - Patented series of durable fast-acting interceptors provide supreme lift force characteristics
  • Complete Wiper Systems
    ​Wide Range of Windshield Wiper Systems...

  • With Exalto, Decca and Roca, Imtra offers the highest-quality marine wiper systems for any application.  We offer a wide selection of wiper products to clear all sizes and shapes of windows using any power source from 12VDC up to 220VAC.  Decca is an externally mounted straight-line wiper system suitable for windows from 17.7 – 137.8”.  Exalto offers pantograph and pendulum wiper systems that are built with the best marine grade materials on the market.  Roca’s wiper system is an innovative and stylish design suitable for many applications.
  • Sleipner (Side-Power) Thrusters and Stabilization
    Sleipner (Side-Power) AC & Hydraulic Thruster Systems and Stabilization...

  • The new Sleipner (Side-Power) thrusters in the hydraulic and AC range are part of a total yacht control system.  All of the Side-Power systems communicate on a shared CAN-Bus based S-Link system.  The S-Link system enables the best integration possible no matter what the combination of equipment. AC Thrusters can be combined with hydraulic stabilizers. An AC bow thruster can be used with a hydraulic stern thruster and, in fact, any combination of Side-Power equipment imaginable can be used. This is a major advantage not found in competing systems.  Both systems offer 5 bladed, seawater resistant bronze propellers in a range of sizes.

    Sleipner's Award winning Vector Fins™ provide stable conditions on and below deck minimizing the risk for injury to crew and passengers or potential damage to your cargo.  The patented design is 30% more efficient underway than traditional fins.

  • Lilaas Controls
    Lilaas Controls...

  • Lilaas, the Norwegian control lever and joystick specialist, offers a wide range of controls for small patrol vessels and tugs to some of the largest ships. The LE90 is a high quality, low cost all in one thruster or propulsion lever. Features include: Single or double lever, LED illuminated interchangeable scales, flush mounted and 3 pre-adjusted and easily interchangeable switch modules are available.
  • KPM-Marine Pumps and Air Handling Systems
    KPM air handling and submersible pumps...

  • KPM Air handling units have been designed to meet class specifications and afford the workboat operator high levels of protection, low maintenance costs and air flow performance.

    KPM also offers a full range of durable submersible pumps that are light, and offer a high-capacity pumping system.  Their range includes Bilge, Emergency, macerator and live well pumps.

  • Libra Doors & Hatches
    Libra doors and hatches have been developed and built in Norway for 62 years....

  • They have been thoroughly tested on board vessels of different types. Feedback from experienced mariners has enabled Libra to optimize the functionality and design. They are available in spraytight, weathertight and watertight making them a quality option for a wide range of applications. The doors are rated for fire and safety, ABS and ISO.

    Libra supplies all types of vessels with a complete range of IMO-compliant, hinged, external and internal bulkhead doors and hatches made of steel, aluminium or composite materials.


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