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November 29 - December 1, 2023 / New Orleans, LA

Event Information & Guidelines

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Morial Convention Center Exhibitor Policies

Important Event Related Information

What is included in your booth?

International WorkBoat Show Booth Equipment:

  • Each 10’ x 10’ booth will be set with 8' high black back drape & 3' high black side drape
  • Booths 300 sq. ft. or less will receive a 11" x 17" identification sign displaying your company name and booth number (larger booths may receive a one-line identification sign upon request).
  • Carpeting Required! Your booth space is NOT carpeted but Show Management requires all booths have carpet or suitable floor covering. You can order carpeting from Freeman or bring in your own.

Underwater Intervention Booth Equipment:

  • Each 10’ x 10’ booth will be set with 8' high white back drape & 3' high white side drape
  • Booths 300 sq. ft. or less will receive a 11" x 17" identification sign displaying your company name and booth number (larger booths may receive a one-line identification sign upon request).
  • Carpeting Required! Your booth space is NOT carpeted but Show Management requires all booths have carpet or suitable floor covering. You can order carpeting from Freeman or bring in your own.

Launch Pad Booth Equipment:

  • Each 10’ x 10’ booth will be set with 8' high gray back drape & 3' high gray side drape
  • 11" x 17" identification sign displaying your company name and booth number.
  • Carpeting Included

** To order additional booth furnishings & services refer to the Order Event Services section. The deadline for advance order discount rates through Freeman is Monday, October 30th.

Adhesives & Building Damage

Nothing may be glued, taped, tacked, nailed, or in any way affixed to any interior or exterior surface of the venue. Nothing may be attached to exhibit floor columns, even within booths. Drilling into the concrete floor is prohibited. Glitter and adhesive-backed (stick-on) decals are strictly prohibited.

Booth Cleaning & Porter Service

Booth cleaning & trash removal/porter service must be ordered separately through Freeman Online Ordering

Children / Age Requirement

No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to register themselves, and individuals under the age of 21 will only be granted limited Event access. No one under the age of 15 will be allowed in the exhibit hall during event days. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in the exhibit hall during exhibitor move-in and move-out.

Custom Booths

The exhibit must arrive prefinished and ready to be assembled. No painting or additional carpentry will be allowed inside the halls. At the close of the event, all parts of the exhibit must be removed from the halls at the expense of the exhibitor.

Demonstrations (Welding & Lasers)

If you are planning on having a demonstration within your booth space, including welding or laser demonstrations, it must be approved by event management and the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. Contact Melissa Lewia at mlewia@divcom.com with details regarding your demonstration including a description of the equipment being used, your demonstration schedule during the event, and videos or pictures of your demonstration.

As a matter of safety and courtesy to others, exhibitors should conduct sales presentations and product demonstrations in a manner which assures all exhibitor personnel and attendees are within the contracted exhibit space and not encroaching on the aisle or neighboring exhibits. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to arrange displays, product presentation, audio visual presentations, and demonstration areas to ensure compliance. Exhibitors should be aware of local regulations regarding fire/safety and the environment which must be adhered to.

Special caution should be taken when demonstrating machinery or equipment that has moving parts, cooking equipment with an open flame, or any product that is otherwise potentially dangerous. Exhibitors should establish a minimum setback of 3ft (.91m) and/or install hazard barriers as necessary to prevent accidental injury to spectators. Demonstrations should only be conducted by qualified personnel.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and the noise level at which you are operating. We ask that exhibitors only run their machinery once per hour in consideration of neighbors conducting business. Event Management hires one Fire Watch personnel who rotates through monitoring all demonstrations at the show. If onsite your demonstrations occur excessively, the MCCNO will require you to hire an additional Fire Watch at your cost. Also make sure to take the following safety and protection measures: floor protection, safety equipment, protective shields, and equipment data sheet specifications.


Exhibitors are not allowed to begin dismantling their exhibits, in part or whole, before the close of the show on Friday, December 1st at 2:00 PM.


Operable drones are not permitted to be used under any circumstances.

Event Management Office Diversified Communications will maintain a show office in the main lobby where Event Management may be reached from move-in, throughout the show and during move-out.

Exhibit Display Walls

All back walls and sidewalls must be finished or draped. No loose wires or any obstructions may be visible or Event Management, at the exhibitor’s expense, will drape them. See-through back walls or displays that do not cover the back wall entirely will not suffice. Pop-up displays must be positioned so that the back metal framing is not visible - if positioned so, metal framing must be covered. The backside of walls (the common border facing a neighboring booth) must be devoid of copy, logos, or other graphics, so as not to be an eyesore to neighboring exhibitors or appear as part of their display.

Exhibitor Evaluation

All exhibitors will receive an evaluation shortly after the event. Your cooperation in completing this survey will help us to improve the event and will serve as an information link between exhibitors and Event Management.

Floor Covering Required

Event Management requires that all exhibit spaces must have suitable floor covering. The Exhibit Hall is not carpeted, and exhibitors are required to bring their own floor covering to fit their ENTIRE booth space OR rent carpeting through Freeman Online Ordering. Event Management will carpet the aisles in tuxedo carpet (gray and black). 


Centerplate is the exclusive catering provider and licensed liquor holder for the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. All alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages and all food items in the exhibit halls, including water, must be purchased through Centerplate. Centerplate is solely licensed to sell, dispense, and/or serve alcoholic beverages. Louisiana State Law prohibits alcoholic beverages from being brought into the New Orleans Morial Convention Center. If you are a manufacturer or distributor of alcoholic beverages and plan on supplying and serving samples of alcoholic beverages at your booth you must abide by the alcoholic sample regulations. For information on alcoholic sampling, contact Melissa Lewia at mlewia@divcom.com.  

Give-Aways & Lotteries

Exhibitors may sponsor raffles, giveaways, and lotteries within the area defined as their booth space as long as they are free and open to everyone. As a reminder, all food & beverage items must be purchased through the official caterer including giveaway prize food & beverage items.

Helium Balloons

Event Management does not allow hand carried helium balloons. However, large, tethered helium balloons are permitted at the Morial Convention Center within your booth type height requirements. The Exhibitor is responsible for all expenses incurred for the removal of balloons that become entangled in the venue ceiling trusses. Compressed gas cylinders used to inflate balloons must be properly secured to prevent toppling and must be removed from within the venue during all event hours.

Hotel Hospitality Suites

Exhibitors are encouraged to offer functions in their hotel suites outside of event hours. To make arrangements contact onPeak, International WorkBoat Show’s Official Housing Partner – Telephone: 800-803-5804; International: 312-527-7300 or Email Addressworkboat@onpeak.com. The use of suites by non-exhibiting companies is prohibited.

Labor Rules

Information regarding Union Labor Jurisdictions and non-official contractor rules is located in the Shipping, Move-in & Move out Information section. We encourage you to review this information to determine whether or not you will need to hire union labor to set-up and/or dismantle your booth.

Liability Insurance

Exhibitors are encouraged to carry their own general liability insurance as well as any additional property or theft insurance they deem appropriate but are no longer required to provide to Event Management evidence of that insurance or name Diversified Communications as an additional insured on the exhibitor’s policy. As has always been the case, exhibitors remain exclusively responsible for theft or damage to their personal property and are advised to secure their valuables at all times.  

Maintaining Professionalism

Event Management reserves the right to prohibit or remove any exhibit which, in its sole discretion, detracts from the general character of the exhibition as a whole or consists of products or services inconsistent with the purpose of the exhibition. The right to prohibit includes persons (dressed in a sexually suggestive or offensive manner), things, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character which the organizers, in their sole discretion, determine objectionable. In the event of such prohibition or removal, the organizers shall not be liable for any damages, including refunds or other exhibit expenses.

Meeting Rooms There are a limited number of meeting rooms available to rent at the Morial Convention Center. To request a more information submit the Meeting Room Inquiry and contact Jordan Randall with any questions at jrandall@divcom.com.

Multiple-Story & Enclosed Booths

Exhibitors planning to build structures with multiple-stories and/or enclosed with a ceiling are subject to additional fire regulations. These exhibitors must submit their detailed exhibit plans and also submit the 2nd Story Exhibits Form as soon as possible. Booth plans must specify the maximum number of occupants and must have a structural engineer’s stamp certifying the maximum occupant load capacity. Certain booths may require fire watches, electrical ventilation, smoke detection devices, fire extinguishers, multiple exits, etc., as required by Fire Prevention Officials. A permit from the City of New Orleans is required. A Fire Watch may be required.

Music, Photographs, & Other Copyrighted Material

Each exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses and permits to use recorded music, photographs, and other copyrighted material in exhibitor’s booth or display. No exhibitor will be permitted to play, broadcast, or have performed any recorded music or use any other copyrighted material, such as photographs or other artistic works, without first presenting proof satisfactory to Event Producer that the exhibitor has, or does not need, a license to use such recorded music or copyrighted material. Event Producer reserves the right to remove or prohibit from the exhibit hall all or any part of any booth or display which incorporates recorded music, photographs, or other copyrighted material and for which the exhibitor fails to produce proof that the exhibitor holds all required licenses. The exhibitor shall remain liable for and shall indemnify, defend, and hold Event Producer, its directors, officers, agents, and employees harmless from all loss, costs, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, liability, expenses, and costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from or out of any violation or infringement (or claimed violation or infringement) by exhibitor, exhibitor’s agents, or employees of any patent, copyright, or trade secret rights or privileges.

Operating Your Exhibit & Sound Limitation

All activities must be contained within the exhibit area described in your Application for Exhibit Space. No selling or promoting will be allowed in the aisles or other public areas. Promoting other events is prohibited.

Attendees viewing video monitors must be within your exhibit space, not crowded in the aisles. Live bands, loudspeakers and carnival tactics will not be allowed. Please be a considerate neighbor.

Event Management reserves the right to shut down any receptions, presentations, or other activities which are deemed obstructive or prohibitive for neighboring booths to be able to conduct business.

If you plan to host a reception in your booth you must submit the Exhibit Floor Reception Request Form for approval.

Pop Up Banners, Wind Flags

The Line-of-Sight Display Regulations for Inline and Perimeter booths limit items in the front half of your booth to 4’ in height from the expo hall floor. All pop-up banners, scroll banners and wind flags must be located in the back half of your booth and must not exceed the height limitations of 8’ for In-line booth types and 14’ for Perimeter booths. 

Photographs and Videos Limited 

Due to the sensitive nature of new products and unique displays accessible at the Event, photographs or video of the stands of other Exhibitors' booths on the Event exhibit floor or screen shots of others' virtual booths are prohibited. Attending personnel of exhibitors or qualified press must seek advance written approval from Diversified to photograph, film or make audio recordings at the Event and must abide by all conditions imposed. 


The New Orleans Morial Convention Center is a non-smoking facility which includes vaping & electronic cigarettes.

Solicitation By Non-Exhibiting Companies

For the protection of all exhibitors, only those companies whose Application for Exhibit Space has been approved by Event Management will be allowed to present and sell their products.  If a representative from a non-exhibiting company is seen Soliciting business in the exhibit hall, please request a business card from that person and give it to an Event Management representative. We will take the necessary steps to curtail this activity.

Show Colors

The International WorkBoat Show will be decorated with black drapes on the back and sidewalls, and gray drape for exhibitors in the launch pad area. The Underwater Intervention will be decorated with white drape on the back wall and side walls. The aisles will be carpeted in tuxedo (black and gray). Changes in Event Management drape patterns and colors are not allowed.

Trade Fair Act Information for Exhibitors

Diversified Communications has made arrangements for this event to be certified under the Trade Fair Act of 1959. This will enable exhibitors to import merchandise for the show, without having to pay duty. Under the "Trade Fair" entry procedure exhibitors do not have to make a final decision regarding whether to pay Customs duty on their merchandise until after the show. Exhibitors then have up to three months to re-export the merchandise or re-classify it under a different customs entry category: consumption (duty paid); warehousing; destruction, etc. All merchandise entered under the Trade Fair arrangements must remain under the control of U. S. Customs until its final disposition is decided. In addition, merchandise cannot be released from Customs custody until all provisions of Customs laws have been met and any applicable duties and taxes paid.  

Freeman will be coordinating the freight forwarding, U.S. Customs clearance and delivery services on shipments from overseas. Any exhibitor requiring assistance with International Freight or Customs clearance issues should contact Freeman. More information is contained in the Shipping, Move-in & Move out Information section.  

Visa Information

Our policy is that we do not provide letters of invitation. Please visit the following web address: https://travel.state.gov/content/visas/en.html for more information to get a visa for the United States. A letter of invitation is not required to obtain a visa. When applying for a visa at your embassy or consulate, bring your confirmation letter, a copy of your contract to exhibit at the event and your bank wire information as verification of participation in the fair.

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)

Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) is available throughout public areas of the Morial Convention Center. Wi-Fi is not available in the exhibit hall. If you are streaming a video or presentation from the internet and uninterrupted bandwidth is vital, we recommend purchasing a dedicated internet drop for your booth.



Please feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@divcom.com, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!