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November 29 - December 1, 2023 / New Orleans, LA

Register for Exhibitor Badges & Invite Customers

Review the important information below regarding registering your personnel for badges as well as inviting customers and guests to attend the event.

Register Exhibit Staff Visit Exhibitor Registration to register for your badges online to save time on-site. To access your company’s badge allotment, select your company name from the drop-down menu in the provided link and enter your password. Your password can be found in the booth confirmation email sent to the main contact for your company. If you need your password re-sent, email registration@divcom.com.


If you are a co-exhibiting company and would like to register for your exhibit badges, contact your LEAD exhibiting company for registration instructions. The badge registration password is shared between lead and co-exhibitors.

Badge Pick Up

Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code and/or badge number for each registrant. Bring this confirmation email either printed or on your mobile device along with a photo ID and proof of employment with your company (i.e. business card) for express pick up at Registration.

Badge Colors

Badges are color coded by business category to help exhibitors easily target their buyers. A badge color guide will be distributed to each booth onsite.

Correct / Change / Replace Badge

If you need to change or correct a badge, log in to Exhibitor Registration. Once logged in click on the “Edit” button next to the individuals name you’d like to correct/change. Should you misplace your badge onsite, proceed to the Registration Assistance desk and a new badge will be printed for you.

Invite Your Best Customers

As an exhibitor, you can offer your customers a free Exhibit Hall Pass. This is an effective way to provide a personalized benefit to buyers, increase visibility and strengthen your relationships. Log in to Exhibitor Registration and click the Invite Your Customers tab to access your custom registration link and promo code. From there, simply copy your customer registration link or code to add to your marketing campaign.

Please note: VIP invitations are not for use by exhibiting companies' personnel. Anyone registering with a VIP invitation will be given a visitor badge and will only have access to the show floor during show hours only. Booth personnel, who need access to the show floor outside of show hours for exhibitor move-in and move-out, must register for an Exhibitor Badge.

Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval is available to order for the event.. Don't miss a single sales lead! Not everyone will carry a business card, however every attendee will have a badge with a QR code for you to scan. For more information, review the Lead Retrieval Brochure and contact XPress Leads at 800-746-9734 or email xpressleadpro@cdsreg.com. Order Lead Retrieval before the early pricing deadlines.

Temporary Work Passes

Event Management will issue Temporary Work Passes to anyone who needs to be on the show floor during move-in and move-out but does not need access to the show floor on show days. This includes:

  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractors
  • Bonafide company employees who are helping set up the exhibit
  • Non-official service companies who need to deliver goods to an exhibiting company

Temporary Work Passes provide access to the show floor during move-in and move-out hours only and can be obtained through security at the doors. Refer to the Event Schedule for move-in and move-out hours. All personnel who need to have access to the show floor during show hours MUST have a badge.

Visitors Under 18
No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to register themselves, and individuals under the age of 21 will only be granted limited Event access. No one under the age of 15 will be allowed in the exhibit hall during event days. No one under the age of 18 will be allowed in the exhibit hall during exhibitor move-in and move-out.

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Please feel free to e-mail us at customerservice@divcom.com, use the chat feature below, or call +1-207-842-5508. We look forward to working with you in preparation for a successful event!