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November 29 - December 1, 2023 / New Orleans, LA

Poseidon Robotics

Chandler,  AZ 
United States
  • Booth: UI-3854

Poseidon Robotics is a Manufacturer of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and other Subsea Systems and Components. We specialize in Inspection Class ROVs, Custom Engineering Solutions for Oil and Gas, and Inshore Inspection Markets.


  • Lanai Pro ROV
    THE LANAI PRO, Designed by ROV Operators for More Power...

  • THE LANAI PRO, Designed by ROV Operators for More Power The Lanai Pro ROV builds on the rugged design of the Lanai with a 2kW power supply. It also features a more industrial flight computer/telemetry system/rugged Linux user interface from Mission Robotics with additional HD camera inputs. The Lanai Pro has even more payload space for imaging sonar, scanning sonar, altimeter, CTD, or UT (no tool skid required).
  • Lanai ROV
    The LANAI, Designed by ROV Operators for Operations...

  • We have combined decades of ROV operation experience with modern manufacturing techniques to produce a Remotely Operated Vehicle that is both capable and affordable. A fully integrated console provides a sunlight readable monitor, control PC, surface power, and professional hand controller in a compact package. The deck space, along with buoyancy cutouts, allows for payloads such as imaging sonar, scanning sonar, altimeter, CTD, or UT, all without the need for a tooling skid or extra buoyancy.
  • Maui ROV
    MAUI, Heavy Inspection Class ROV...

  • The Maui ROV is designed with large payloads and challenging dives in mind. Combining cutting edge vectored thruster layout, professional Aluminum frame, and heavy payload capacity have resulted in an excellent performance. The Maui features an industrial flight computer and Linux user interface from Mission Robotics. With the Topside Integrated Console and its 22in sunlight readable monitor and hand controller, no additional equipment is required. 
  • Modular Telemetry System
    Everything needed to turn a spare fiber connection and A/C or high voltage power into just about any accessory
    connection needed to retrofit older ROVs....

  • Just add 240VA, a fiber and attach all the accessories you need. At less than 2 feet long this new telemetry system is rated to a full 4,000 meters depth and can provide all the communications for your next remote sensors package. Using modern 7075 Aluminum alloy, and careful FEA modeling and testing, we have made ample space for up to 18 different pieces of equipment and half a kilowatt of onboard power. 

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Underwater Intervention (UI)
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