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November 29 - December 1, 2023 / New Orleans, LA

UAM Tec Trading

Melbourne,  Victoria 
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  • BarrelEye Dive Camera System
    BarrelEye Dive: Revolutionizing Underwater Exploration!
    Ultra HD Camera:
    Photo-Quality Images:
    Live Data Readings: Integrated depth, pressure, and temperature readings.
    Real-Time Filtering for Optimal Visibility:
    Designed for Divers, by Divers:...

  • 🌊 Introducing the Newest BarrelEye Dive: Revolutionizing Underwater Exploration! 📷
    Dive into the future of underwater imaging with the latest innovation from UAMTEC!
    📌 What is BarrelEye Dive?:
    Upgrade your diving experience with the unmatched capabilities of BarrelEye Dive, a cutting-edge camera and light system designed to fit the most widely used Kirby Morgan dive helmets.
    📷 Ultra HD Camera: Experience sharp, clear footage in any environment with our Ultra HD camera. With advanced auto and manual focusing options and a backlit sensor, it excels even in the dimmest underwater conditions.
    💻 No More DVRs – Use Your Laptop with the Capture App!:
    Say goodbye to outdated technology! BarrelEye Dive seamlessly integrates with your laptop using the Capture App, providing you with the ultimate convenience.
    📹 Save Videos as MP4s: Forget about complicated conversions. BarrelEye Dive saves your videos as MP4 files, ready to use and share right away.
    💡 Enhance Your Dive with the Capture App:
    The BarrelEye Dive system comes equipped with the Capture App – the perfect companion for underwater enthusiasts and commercial divers. 📱
    📸 Photo-Quality Images: Capture stunning images on the fly.
    🔍 Real-Time Filters: Improve visibility in low-light environments.
    🌡️ Live Data Readings: Integrated depth, pressure, and temperature readings.
    🔧 Easy Configuration: User-friendly options for customization.
    🌊 Real-Time Filtering for Optimal Visibility:
    Our real-time filters provide unparalleled clarity, even in low visibility environments, ensuring you never miss a moment beneath the waves.
    🌐 Designed for Divers, by Divers:
    UAMTEC worked closely with industry experts to create the BarrelEye Dive camera system. Our goal was to provide a compact solution that delivers high-resolution images, real-time data, and exceptional performance for commercial divers.
    🗣️ Testimonial:
    "We were on the market looking for a dive camera system that would suit our needs better than what we currently have. We approached UAMTEC for some assistance and were blown away by what they delivered. The live feed in Ultra High Definition far outweighs what we had before, and the convenience of saving videos as MP4s is a game-changer." - Brendan Walsh, Managing Director, East West Dive & Salvage
    Discover a new world beneath the waves with BarrelEye Dive! Contact us today to learn more and revolutionize your underwater exploration. 🌐🌊


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