Welcome to the APA Annual Meeting

Welcome to the APA Annual Meeting

To access the content use the app to search the schedule of live and virtual sessions, virtual marketplace, and more.

We are turning this year’s event into a virtual and on-demand event exclusively available online. This way our audience will not have to travel to enjoy the rich content of this event. Instead of bringing the world to Expo Experience, we’re excited to bring Expo Experience to the world.

You may want to try another network connection or click on the Settings Icon on the Video Player and scale down the video stream to the lowest quality. The live stream is adaptive and will try deliver you the best quality experience for your network and device.

You are all set! We’ll be sending out more details on sessions, times and how to access the event shortly. If you registered for Expo Experience, you are automatically registered for the virtual event.

First check that you have logged in to the event video channel. You should see your login details top right of the page. If you have logged in already, please check that your email address is correct. Your access to the event is linked to your email address, so please confirm this email address is the one you used to register for this event.
Videos are timed to release with the events schedule. Please make sure the session you’re trying to view is scheduled to be released at this time.
Yes! We’re excited to bring all the exciting industry news, stories and best practices of hosting virual events to the world. To access the programming, attendees need to register for the online event.

Don’t worry, you can log in to this site after the event has started to catch up on any sessions that you miss.

You will receive a separate message in the coming weeks to confirm your options for participation in our next event.
Your account manager will be reaching out to provide an update on additional options and logistics.
You will receive a separate message from our Education team to confirm your participation and any schedule changes.