Keynote Presentation: Bioheat®, and the Heating Fuel Industry's Response to Electrification

  •  Earth Ballroom - Earth Center
Wednesday, May 25, 2022: 8:30 AM - 10:15 AM


Don Farrell
Indoor Comfort Marketing
Dr. Ernst-Moritz Bellingen
Eurofuel, European Heating Oil Association
Eric DeGesero
Executive Vice President
Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey
Jeff Hammond
Chief Operating Officer
Star Group LP
Michael Devine
Paul Nazzaro
Nazzaro Group LLC
Rich Carrione
Vice President of Operations
Warm Thoughts Communications
Sean Cota
President & CEO
National Energy & Fuels Institute (NEFI)


Your company has survived past threats from supply, price, and utility competition—but those pale in comparison to the threat created by the “electrify everything” movement. Unlike the challenges of the past, unchecked electrification will put our entire industry out of business.

To reach atmospheric carbon emission targets, the Northeastern states’ strategic plans call for a conversion of transportation and heating to electricity. The elimination of heating oil as we know it today is a real part of the discussion.

The liquid heating fuels industry requires a strategy of advancing renewable liquid heating fuels and challenging firmly held but false assumptions relative to the efficacy and cost of all-electric heating.

The agenda for this keynote presentation includes:

  • The results of the recently completed study about what consumers think, act and feel about electrification.
  • How state associations, wholesalers and retailers are responding to this challenge.
  • Insights into impacts and solutions from Europe.

Moderator: Don Farrell, Publisher, Indoor Comfort Marketing 

    Dr. Moritz Bellingen, President, Eurofuel

    Rich Carrione, Vice President of Operations, Warm Thoughts Communications

    Sean Cota, President & CEO, National Energy & Fuels Institute (NEFI)

    Eric DeGesero, Executive Vice President, Fuel Merchants Association of New Jersey

   Jeff Hammond, Chief Operating Office, Petro/Star Group

    Paul Nazzaro, Nazzaro Group, LLC

    Michael Devine, President, NORA