Tango Tango

Huntsville,  AL 
United States
  • Booth: 416

Tango Tango's mission is to be the best radio integration service for first responders nationwide, ensuring safety and efficiency through the use of innovative technology.  Regardless of radio system, cellular carrier (including FirstNet), or smart device platform, Tango Tango can connect your team to your radio frequency, each other, and provide interoperability at a price that almost any agency can afford.  

Tango Tango is a fully supported, real-time, two-way communications tool that expands your ability to stay connected where traditional radio falls short.  By leveraging the current data infrastructure, Tango Tango gives you unparalleled access to your radio integrated channels anywhere you have a data connection.  With direct contact to your team members for one-to-one or group communication, alerting your teams has never been easier.  

Tango Tango's features include emergency alerting, GPS location, 24-hour call playback, a feature-rich web based admin portal, ConnectCare, for management of your account, and coming soon in-app firetone decoding.

Call us at 888-826-4607 to start a 30 day free trial and see how Tango Tango can help your agency.