Firovac by Reberland Equipment Inc.

Apple Creek,  OH 
United States
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Vacuum fire apparatus was innovated by Firovac for rapid efficient water movement, especially in non-hydrant areas. These tanker/tenders, tanker/pumpers and pumper/tankers do anything non-vacuum units do then go beyond in performance to new evolution's. 

The vacuum pump (primer pump) extracts air from the tank drafting water rapidly reverses air movement discharging water under low pressure rapidly and completely providing a "zero loss" ISO rating. Delivering water requires less resources. 

Easy to use, they fit into any existing water supply system and, with the ability to self load, they reduce equipment and personnel. They can also be loaded by other pressure sources but often this slows the water flow rate. They can, in fact, enhance the water flow rate of these other pressure sources.  

Features available are the same as with other fire apparatus including fire pumps, foam systems, bumper turrets, deck guns etc. PLUS a vacuum system all at competitive prices.  This provides "more bang for your buck".  Departments who have these units fight fires more agressively.  

This is why vacuum deserves a serious look. We welcome questions and discussion.