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Kinetisense has a range of workplace applications that provide a data-driven analysis of worker health and wellness. With modules such as a pre-employment screen, our proprietary technology provides insight into workplace ergonomics. This allows for informed decisions to be made on when employees can return to the job, how to modify duties, and how to reduce micro-trauma.

Kinetisense uses a single camera and sensor to make objective observations across the coronal, sagittal, and transverse planes. Our solution is less costly than other, more complicated systems that require more than one camera. Kinetisense offers a toolbox of functional assessments including Balance, Single Leg Hop, Range Of Motion, Functional, and the Kinetisense Advanced Movement Screen (KAMS). Trend data is assembled into charts and graphs and combined with our automatic reporting to help employees and employers reach their desired outcomes.

Brands: The Assessment Tool of Choice for Field and Clinical Research. See the Difference With Accurate and Affordable Markerless Motion Capture.