Whelen Aerospace Technologies

United States
  • Booth: 942

The Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Division of Whelen Aerospace Technologies was formed as a niche LED lighting supplier for all vehicles, and ground support equipment within the airports fences. Ground Support Equipment are the workhorses of airport operations that require high performance, robust products. Whelen Aerospace Technologies GSE products provide state of the art, reliable lighting solutions to enhance visibility for all of your equipment, and most importantly, an uncompromised level of safety for all of the hardworking personnel working behind the scenes to keep the airport operational. All of our GSE products come with a 3-5 year warranty based on the product, and are manufactured in our New Hampshire and Connecticut facilities. 

A truly made in the USA product. We pride ourselves as a global leader in the emergency warning industry. Whether Fire, Police, EMS, Aviation, and now GSE, Whelen products have been trusted to perform since 1952.