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The leading manufacturer of digital load banks for CIV & MIL

Portable load banks are used to simulate an aircraft connected to the GPU. Not only for maintenance reasons, simulation is often needed to carry out adjustments and test activities/characteristics of the GPU under diverse electric load conditions. These procedures are done as part of preventive maintenance work and following various service repairs on regular bases. All our 400 Hz load banks are capable of running the GPU at full-load for an extended time period (max. 600 A load for 28.5 V DC versions). In case of diesel driven GPUs, it is possible to run the GPU at full load for an extended time period, thus decarbonizing the engine. This routine maintenance operation is required to preserve and prolong the engine's original performance level and is highly recommended by GPU manufacturers. Decarburization at regular time intervals is essential to help maintain the engine’s original level of performance according to professional public. In addition Dekal has also developed outstanding portable load banks for UPS systems and generating sets, with wide aspect of applications. These models are rated either at 50Hz or 60Hz AC and may be further customized as all our products

Brands: Our brand is well known among military and civiian aplications, with customization options to be processed.