Quadro, Inc.

Glenwood,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 937

Baggage Cart Closures for the Airline GSE Industry

Engineering and quality have always been a priority in Quadro curtain closures.  Only materials of 1st class quality are used in curtain production.  Quadro works directly with the OEM manufacturers of trailers to engineer the product for their application.  Heavy duty industrial sewing machines are also used in closure manufacture.

Other products used in the aviation industry are also available from Quadro.  These consist of PCA ducting, vinyl doors for baggage tractors, commissary truck doors, hand rail bumpers, etc.

Quadro's database also supports all of the curtain assemblies of Quadro's manufacture.  This now represents 45 years of product support for the industry.  several manufacturers of baggage and cargo trailers are also no longer in business, however, Quadro's database will still support their products.  Every product made by Quadro, including the drawings from the first curtain assembly to today is in this database.

On July 1, 2016, Quadro Corporation was sold to a son of one of the founders and the name is now Quadro, Inc.  This will assure the continuation of the products of Quadro into the future.

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