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A comprehensive & brand-agnostic fleet management solution.

Starting with its hands-free proximity detection technology, ADVEEZ has rapidly developed its own telematics solution to stay ahead of the market and offer customers the best available technologies while ensuring cost effectiveness and ease-of-use.

ADVEEZ is recognised as a provider of a comprehensive solution combining hardware, API, web-platform and mobile app designed for multiple sectors such as airports, logistics, seaports where safety and operational efficiency are critical.

ADVEEZ solution processes thousands of data points through the API or through Localeez web platform and mobile app.

Its in-house expertise allows ADVEEZ to manage every step of the product life-cycle including the R&D, design, testing, production, distribution, and support.  

ADVEEZ experience enables to bring the adequate support to its customers: from the pilot project defintion (KPI definition), to the roll-out phase (managed by our team of installation experts or through certified partners) and data consultancy (data analysis to optimize the fleet).

With ADVEEZ, get an ADVANCED and EASY solution for your day-to-day operations.

Brands: - FAMA module is an on-board unit specifically designed for powered assets. - OTM: Outdoor Tracking Module specifically designed for unpowered assets. - LOCALEEZ: web platform and mobile app