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Lithium Batteries for Ground Support Equipment

Airports and airfields globally are switching to electric vehicles to save energy, money and the environment. Lithium batteries power GSE fleets with long-lasting, reliable power from lithium batteries that doesn’t diminish as the battery is used, providing consistent power during an entire shift. Green Cubes Technology's Lithium SAFEFlex batteries offer fast-charging and allow for opportunity-charging without harming the battery. Additionally, Lithium SAFEFlex lowers C02 emissions in comparison to fuel-powered equipment.

Airlines benefit from fuel diversification with Lithium SAFEFLex since they are highly exposed to petroleum price volatility. GSE is well-suited for electrification by Lithium SafeFlex because this application benefits from low-end torque, has frequent start/stops, idle times and short driving ranges. Additionally, battery chargers can be safely located in more locations throughout an airport than diesel refueling stations, reducing GSE traffic and non-productive travel.

Brands: Lithium SAFEFlex drop-in batteries integrate Lithium Iron Phosphate cells, electronics, packaging and a software platform for harsh airfield conditions.