Cyclomedia Technology, Inc.

Middleton,  WI 
United States
  • Booth: 1107

Cyclomedia is the industry’s only provider of 100-megapixel, parallax free imagery, resulting in an average positional accuracy of ±10cm (±1 σ) & a relative measurement accuracy of 2cm. Here’s a snapshot of what we offer:

  • Imagery & LIDAR that enables views of poles from multiple angles.
  • Detailed images of building materials, property construction, pole assets, overhead conductors, & potential vegetation encroachments.
  • Images with high positional accuracy & GIS feature data collection
  • Easy-to-use platform for team & cross-department collaboration.
  • System & process to collect, update, & maintain your own asset data.

Our value extends beyond our technology—it’s our knowledge base, best practices, & strategic problem-solving methods. We help get ahead of common threats:

  • Poles can easily become overloaded with the transition to 5G or general inattention over time. 
  • Poles are beginning to erode and lean.
  • Poles are aging; many will soon require replacement. 
  • Accurate data is critical for preventing blackouts, maximizing the lifespan of assets, & reducing the risk of danger. 

Cyclomedia can help you make better, data-driven decisions, faster.