Modern Forms

Port Washington,  NY 
United States

Modern Forms. Designed to elevate your everyday experience.

Elevating luxury with the right light for any space, Modern Forms introduces new LED Luminaires and Smart Fan designs.

The Renegade Smart Fan makes a distinctive, powerful statement for indoor and outdoor environments. Chaos freezes a moment in time with a breathtaking chandelier design, like piano keys falling through the air.

Pendants include cascading spheres of Carillion, refined minimalist glam of Cascade, Japandi minimalist styled Zenya, Burning Man, Plum, and Amari.

Ceiling luminaires feature: Catalonia, crafted with Spanish Alabaster, sleek polished hardware of Pi; Argo, I-Spy; and Kube.

Interior sconces include: the organic style of Swerve; the sleek design of Double Bubble, black pebbled leather Poet, harmonious design of Opus, Fleur and Cinema. Vanity lights include Kinsman, Mini Vogue, Lightstick, Tandem & Cinch. Outdoor sconces feature: Cambridge, a lantern that beckons; Dusk, combining rustic simplicity and minimalism; and bidirectional illumination of Maglev.

In addition to its standard product being heavily stocked in Los Angles, Modern Forms has endless modification and custom capabilities as well.

Brands: Modern Forms Luminaires make bold statements that elevate your space & Modern Forms Smart Fans offer sleek designs and advanced technology. Stocked in L.A. Endless custom capabilities. Affordable.