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We design & manufacture sustainable urban lighting furniture

Technilum has been designing and manufacturing urban lighting furniture for more than 50 years and is equipping public areas as well as private developments worldwide with both standard products and highly customizable smart lighting solutions. As a manufacturer of outdoor lighting products, we supply smart, high performance and long-lasting aluminum light poles, bollards or wall-mount for all kind of landscape, architectural or functional lighting projects. Get in touch to learn more, trough our website or the social media!

  • PRÊT-A-POSER : off-the-shelf urban lighting solutions, with timeless design, suitable for all kind of urban projects, fully adjustable in height and lighting performance.
  • INSPIRATION : fully customizable lighting solutions with unique design, specially developped to perfectly fit in special architectural or landscape lighting projects.
  • SMART-IN-SITE : smart services perfectly integrated into our lighting structures, providing user-friendly assistance into public area (dynamic speakers, electrical car or bicycle charging, wifi spot, CCTV...).

Brands: PRÊT-A-POSER: standard urban lighting furniture with timeless design INSPIRATION: fully customizable lighting solutions SMART-IN-SITE: smart services perfectly integrated into our lighting structures