ARON Lighting

Conshohocken,  PA 
United States

Design around drop ceilings differently with ARON Lighting!

ARON Lighting LLC (“ARON”) is a US-based manufacturer of custom interior LED lighting products. Our focus and passion is to enable new dimensions in lighting design by supplying lighting products that can light your space with perfected beam performance and easy to install mounting options.

ARON works with lighting designers, architects, contractors, electricians and end users to develop and refine all our products in the quest of supplying the ideal luminaire for any given need. At the heart of what makes ARON products so unique, aside from the luminaire form factor, are our leading edge optics and LED engines. These components enable true beam control.

ARON works very closely with our sales reps and distributors to assure that each customer receives the true experience of a high quality and high performing light. With quick turnaround, popular fixture specs are also available for your choosing.