Lumato / American Linear Lighting

Houston,  TX 
United States

Lumato specializes in creating linear LED products designed to enhance the visual quality of architectural spaces. We understand and appreciate all of the architectural components that together create a great space. The role of lighting within a space must be measured both functionally, as it must properly illuminate a space, and formally, as it must blend into a chosen design aesthetic. Our vision of creating Light Without Boundaries™ is a direct response to this architectural condition and can be defined by three key aspects: Quality of Light | Flexibility | Craft

American Linear Lighting, is a new lighting brand focused on the bridging the gap between Architectural Appeal and Affordability. Our Family of LED Luminaires are designed to provide a high value solution to enhance the visual quality of any interior space. The ALL Family of products includes Recessed, Ceiling and Suspended Luminaires that elevate the photometric performance of LED lighting. Built from a one-piece extruded aluminum body, these low-profile, linear luminaires can be installed into a wide variety of applications.

Brands: Lumato / American Linear Lighting