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Create a Virtual Product Model with XVL

Use XVL to create a complete Virtual Product Model

Create digital work instructions directly from your 3D CAD models -- increase clarity & accuracy of your assembly instructions, while saving time. 

Assembly Work Instructions is Only the Start - Virtual Product Model

Assembly work instructions is one use of XVL, there are many more. XVL allows a company to create a Virtual Product Model that repurposes the data from the 3D CAD model. XVL is CAD agnostic, so that parts and assemblies from different CAD systems can be combined – native CAD files, not dumbed open formats.  

Virtual Product Model for Downstream Uses

By combining all CAD models into a single, lightweight, accurate representation of your entire product, you now have a single source of truth for planning & documentation. 

  • Assembly Planning
  • Assembly Simulation (find errors and optimize)
  • Assembly Work Instructions
  • Technical Illustrations
  • Spare Parts Catalogs
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Model-Based Enterprise (MBE)

XVL can be the first step and be a long-term solution for an MBE initiative. 

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