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Start now and have your BS Degree by the end of the year

The O’Hehir University Bachelor of Science Degree Completion Program in Oral Health Promotion encompasses both traditional approaches to prevention and innovative new science-based concepts leading to the end of dental disease.  This degree is designed for dental hygienists staying in or moving on from the clinical environment.  O'Hehir University has over 300 graduates from all over the world.  

Our degree completion program is open to licensed or registered dental hygienists. By virtue of licensure/registration, RDHs have completed the necessary coursework for a BS Degree. In many cases, RDHs have the equivalent of 150 contact credit hours, more than enough credits for a Bachelor’s Degree.

Classes of five students meeting weekly for one hour in a Zoom call to discuss the state of oral health today, career goals, and project development. Students complete a Behaviour Change Project and submit a written thesis. The project implements a small change in their current approach to patients to achieve greater oral health. This project is peer-assessed and submitted as part of the requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree. ohehiruniversity.org

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