Shenzhen Dark Energy Power Supply Co., Ltd

  • Booth: 840

Shenzhen China
Area:Around 20,000 ㎡
Staff: Over 700 
Branch location :Zhongshan City and Jieyang City
Production line : more than 60 intelligent automatic and semi-automatic production lines Including 51 SMT automation equipment, 14 reflow soldering equipment, 23 AOI optical inspection equipment, 35 sets of AI intelligent special-shaped component placement equipment, 10 wave soldering equipment, 5 ATE inspection equipment, 28 aging equipment, 26 sets of automatic and semi-automatic molding equipment. 
Month Output:more than 50 million pieces. 
System certification:ISO9001-2015 quality management system certification.
 Products : Indoor lighting, Outdoor lighting, Smart home Lighting ,LED Drivers ,Charger

Brands: Drivers and control Equipment LED Moudules and Subsystems