DBM Reflex Enterprises Inc.

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We are the expert for your custom optics needs

DBM Reflex & DBM Optix are a single source company focused on providing a complete turn-key service for the design, tooling and production of custom lenses for LED Lighting applications. Our mission is to provide optics with the highest quality standards oriented towards efficiency, customer satisfaction & competitive cost and our in depth knowledge is the fundamental reason why DBM can make the difference to provide world class solutions to the LED lighting market. Our field of expertise are, Projects using High Power LED's, Projects with specific optical requirements or regulations, Visible spectrum applications, Lens size from 8mm x 8mm to 200mm x 200mm, Lenses produced by injection molding clear PC, PMMA, Silicone 

The optical specialists at DBM are experienced in a wide variety of optical applications. This wealth of experience allows to develop optimum solutions when designing new optical applications.