Genesys Global

Charlotte,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 616

Genesys Global serves as an advisor in identifying, procuring, installing, and maintaining the best and most efficient lighting solutions to meet the operational and financial needs of its clients. In addition to its patented gHID™ technology designed to integrate with existing HID structures, the company also offers a portfolio of LED lighting solutions for commercial and industrial clients. Genesys approaches the client-partner relationship with a very long-term partnership view.

Genesys Global is a leader in commercial and industrial lighting technology. Their proprietary gHID™ technology is designed for use with existing HID fixtures. It is proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and reduce maintenance costs up to 50% after the warranty period.  

Genesys is a values-driven company, partnering with enterprises committed to the environment, reducing their carbon footprint and energy consumption, as well as their company’s operational costs.  Genesys offers “Turn-Key/Worry-Free" gHID™ and LED solutions to qualified client-partners so that they never have to purchase another bulb, ballast, or fixture again.

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