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Luminit LLC is a privately-held company founded on the belief that light could be directed more efficiently and precisely with holographic optics. Our expertise in holography and photonics, combined with a patented mastering and manufacturing process, produced Light Shaping Diffusers--the highest-selling, high-performance LED light diffuser on the market.  Luminit has been the gold standard of homogenizing and shaping light sources in a wide array of applications and industries, from automotive taillights to LCD displays, to commercial and industrial lighting. Our LED light diffusers use a patented holographic master recording technology that reshapes and redirects light for use in LED lighting, architectural lighting, bio-medical illumination, semiconductor metrology, aerospace, automotive, laser and display applications. 

Brands: Light Shaping Diffusers, Direction Turning Film, Volumetric Light Shaping Diffusers, Glare Control Panels