C-Kore Systems Ltd.

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 814

C-Kore has a selection of tools available to help operators reduce costs and collect better data during fault-finding operations and installation campaigns. Their Cable Monitor tests the health of electrical lines by measuring insulation resistance and continuity. The Subsea TDR is used to localize faults along the electrical lines with a precision of 10cm. Their new Sensor Monitor reads subsea wellhead gauges and sensors directly without a control module or datalink present.

Subsea testing is no longer left up to error-prone manual measurement, using down-lines of dubious condition or burdensome platform-led testing. C-Kore eliminates these activities, testing much faster & automating the entire testing process, saving days of vessel time.

Brands: C-Kore Cable Monitor; C-Kore Subsea TDR; C-Kore Pressure Monitor; C-Kore Sensor Monitor; C-Kore Subsea Modem