DEFI Offshore Composites

Houston,  TX 
United States
  • Booth: 508

DEFI Offshore Composites is a Structural Fiberglass engineering, fabrication and Project Management Company. The 3 equal Partners have a combined 65+ years, of experience working in and providing structural Fiberglass Systmes to the Offshore and Onshore Industries.

DEFI OC designs FRP structural Systems to the same load requirements as Carbon Steel, but FRP will never corrode and will weigh aproximatrely 1/3rd the total weight of a comparable steel design, that will corrode and require maintenance after being in service offshore. The FRP structural Systems can be installed offshore without the need of a crane or welding (hot-work).

DEFI OC Specializes in providing proven Fiberglass Grating and Handrail Systems that can be installed in the critical wave-zone areas of offshore facilities, utilizing DEFI's, specially designed and engineered, 316 SS attachment hardware. DEFI OC Gurantees our systems with a written Warranty, that protects the owner that the installed systems will not wash-out due to Hurricane Wave-loads. 

Houston Anodes Specializes in Mfg of sacrificial Anodes for subsea steel applications, recommended by Many Major Oil Comanies.