Tesla Nanocoatings

Massillon,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 610

Few environments on earth are as corrosive as those in which the global oil and gas industry works. From the sea floor foundations and ocean platforms to the burgeoning shale plays and all of the tens of thousands of rigs, pumps, trucks, tanks, plumbing and pipelines, Teslan can help protect steel surfaces from oxidation and reduce the dangers associated with corrosion and the cost of fighting rust.

Extensive and ongoing testing proves Teslan’s patented nanotechnology two-coat primer-topcoat system outperforms conventional three-coat paint jobs for superior corrosion protection of steel. No matter when or where you need Teslan protection, we are able to deliver to your schedule and specifications.

Whether you have corrosion to deal with on offshore rigs, well-site surface production equipment or downhole tubular products, Teslan provides protection. Oil and gas operations must contend with salt water, production fluids, impact and abrasion and many other corrosion-inducing factors. Teslan testing continues to demonstrate superior performance in the most extreme oil and gas production environments.