What is Noted and why did it start?

Noted is a re-imagination of a trade show for the greeting card industry. After the move of the National Stationery Show to February, the members of the Greeting Card Association all felt like there might be a hole in the industry.  

For 70 plus years a May trade show had been a key element of the industry and had over the years shaped the way we all worked. Release schedules, Christmas/winter holiday sales and connecting with our community all revolved around May. Our gut instinct was confirmed after reaching out to designers, manufacturers, sales reps and retailers in the industry, the community still wanted a May event, but no one wanted it to be the same as before. 

Noted is the result of talking to companies of all sizes across the industry on what they wanted out of a May event. This year the feedback had us stay in New York City, Brooklyn to be exact, from May 18th to the 20th. Noted was truly built by the community, for the community and will continue to evolve as we learn together.  

Where and when is Noted?

This year Noted will be held in Brooklyn, NY from May 18th to the 20th. The event will take place in the Brooklyn Expo Center, just across the East River from mid-town Manhattan. Noted will fill the 2.5 days with the events and gatherings to provide you the potential to fill your time in NYC. The 18th kicks off with an invitation-only Opening Party from 7-9. Each exhibitor can provide up to 10 retailers for the Noted committee to invite to this Opening Night party, which will include Brooklyn’s best offering of beer, wine, and food. Look for your invitation. This will provide a festive, low-pressure atmosphere to visit and socialize with all the exhibitors and your peers and maybe even place “spirited” orders. Noted will then open to everyone Sunday morning, May 19, and close at 5 on Monday, May 20. Sunday night you are invited to attend the LOUIE Awards (the greeting card Oscars) in South Brooklyn at 26 Bridge. Monday night if you are still in town there will be a variety of sponsored community happy hours and dinners to wrap up the event. 

What should I expect when I walk into Noted for the first time?

Whether you arrive by a quick taxi, subway, Uber/Lyft ride or on foot, you will walk into a light-filled space with floor to ceiling windows on three sides. Inside this open and airy space that has a view of the Manhattan skyline, you will be greeted by smiling faces in 150 exhibits of greeting cards from companies of all sizes and from around the world. 

Why are they smiling? Because Noted was designed by the greeting card community, for the community. Each exhibitor easily set up their exhibit space without spending the past 2 days constructing walls, rolling on the dirty floor, worrying about lost crates and wondering why the lighting cost them $750. Plus they are excited to show you their new products. 

You will meet people from companies of all sizes in unique exhibit layouts that will allow you to walk through the show without feeling like you are invading someone's space. An open floor plan and flow will draw owners and designers out of their space and allow you to interact with the product and them in a more casual and friendly atmosphere. Restrictions of size, construction of the exhibit space placed on those exhibiting will mean that this event will have a level playing field for all companies to show off their best work. There are no spaces larger than 20 ft by 20ft, and the vast majority of exhibit spaces are 10x10’ or 6x3’. And there is even a lounge for you to regroup, chat with friends and recharge. 

Noted is just greeting cards?

The focus of Noted is greeting cards but the vast majority of the exhibiting companies offer other paper and gift products as part of their line. Each exhibitor is a greeting card company and is asked to focus their display on greeting cards but you will see a large variety of products available. 

With mainly greeting cards is a trip to New York City worth it?

Absolutely! Noted was designed to make sure each and every attendee receives a return on the time and investment they committed to coming to Noted. We know that a successful display of greeting cards in your store can easily pay and surpass the cost of a flight, hotel, and meals. We have made sure Noted offers the needed variety to build this successful display in your store. 

We moved Noted out of Manhattan to help bring down prices of everything. Hotels in Brooklyn and Long Island City are only 2 subway stops away or a short walk away from the Expo Center and range from $99 to $250 a night. We are working with a hotel group to bring down those prices too. We are bringing in food trucks so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get lunch. Sunday please join us at the LOUIEs, the greeting card Oscars. You'll enjoy both a great event and a great meal. Monday night we are going to have sponsored happy hours and dinners in Brooklyn so the community can stay together. Also, we are working a deal with a Brooklyn based car service for reduced rides for new customers. 

In addition to the greeting cards, you will have the opportunity to meet the great sales reps in our industry, attend education sessions, a stamp-unveiling from the USPS, and visit industry suppliers in the Resource Room for display and marketing ideas. 

Many of the exhibitors also own stores and their feedback has been invaluable in shaping Noted, like we said, for the community, by the community. 

What types of companies are exhibiting at Noted?

We spent a lot of time making sure there was a variety of companies exhibiting at Noted. We understand your customers are diverse and so we made sure that our exhibitors' products were too. You will see greeting cards from established companies with 100 years of experience to companies just introducing their unique view into the industry. Each company has been screened to make sure they are offering a viable product and service. We hope you spend the time looking at each and every display to fully appreciate the variety and potential all of the Noted exhibitors provide.

Why haven't I received an invitation yet?!?

Good question! Because this is the GCA's first venture into a large-scale event, things are moving quickly but not as fast as we want. Our campaign to let everyone know about Noted got underway in January, with advertising and e-mails. If you're reading this, you probably saw one of these. Next step is to register.

Click on a link below to begin the registration process. Those registering online will be asked whether they have an online account with the Greeting Card Association. Existing account holders will be asked to log in. New users may create a new account. Note that, if you have ever been in touch with the GCA or been employed by a member company in the past, you may have an online account. Once you have entered and checked your contact information, the rest of the registration process will be completed very quickly.

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