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Category: Brakes

Exhibitor List Index

ZF Aftermarket 5062 Upgraded FacebookTwitterExporter
Aborn Automotive Sensor Co., Ltd. 8725
ABS Friction Inc. 446
ADVICS North America, Inc. 2243 Upgraded Exporter
Akebono Brake Corporation 843 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookExporter
Allied Nippon Ltd. 7225
Alltech Automotive LLC 235
ALUX 7809
AMS Automotive 4679 Exporter
Anhui Boxing Machinery Co., Ltd. 1674
AP Emissions Technologies 4010 Exporter
Archer Trans-Parts Co., Ltd. 8526
Atlantic Import & Export Corp. 36021 Upgraded
Autohi Limited 9733
Automann USA, Inc. 6106 Upgraded
AutoNation Parts Network 6216 Upgraded
Autopart International 7346
Autopro-Up Co., Ltd. 7825
BBB Industries 1425 LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Bearings 2000 5643
Better Brake Parts 2828
Blue Streak Electronics 4079 Upgraded FacebookTwitter
Boles Parts Supply 4475 Upgraded
Bosch 5042 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Brakequip 3074 Upgraded FacebookExporter
BST Auto Pvt. Ltd. 5544
Buddy Automotive Parts (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. 7312 LinkedIn
CAMT Automotive (NA) Co., Ltd. 2875 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
CARDONE/Rotomaster 3826 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Carico Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8542
Carlson Quality Brake Parts 4238-B
Changzhou Hengda Vehicle Accessories Co., Ltd. 8557
Chengdu E-Manufacture Co., Ltd. 10525
Chin Chih Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. 983
Chongqing XQK Enterprise Co., Ltd. 9709
CME Auto Co., Ltd. 9951
Cnwim Precision Products Co., Ltd. 7310
Comercial Dahua SA de CV 681
Compact International (1994) Co., Ltd. 7517
Concord Spare Parts LLC 2975
Continental Corporation 2626 Upgraded Exporter
Dacomsa S.A. de C.V. 36015 Facebook
Dae Ryang Ind. Co., Ltd. 7709
Danaher Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. 9042
Dash4 Brake Products 3271 FacebookExporter
Demax Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8030
Dongying Baofeng Automotive 10242
Dongying Haiyi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9840
Dongying Xinyi Automobile Fitting Co., Ltd. 9038
Dorman Products, Inc. 2820 Exporter
Drew C&C Co., Ltd. 7920
DRiV 3217 Exporter
Dynamic Friction Company 2481 LinkedInFacebook
EKU Brake Drums & Discs 40015
Elig Brake Technologies Corp. 8115 Facebook
Elite Enterprises 1455 Exporter
Elite International 9940
Empire Trading 7632
Evergreen Exports 4418
Excel Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. 39029 LinkedIn
Excellent Cable Co., Ltd. 7520
EXP Auto Electric Parts Co., Ltd. 8330
FACET S.r.l. 42008
Faderpa Ltda. 2469
FDP Friction Science 5204, 5205 Exporter
Febest Panamerica LLC (dba Febest Auto Parts) 42010
Felton Recambios SL 7544
FMSI Automotive Hardware 458
Frenkit S.L. 2467
Friction Materials Standards Institute, Inc. 6021
Friction One Automotive Technology 5233
Gahbin Corporation 5924
Garima Global Pvt. Ltd. 4912
Gaubb Group 8560
Giant Ind. Corp. 4333
Global Sorl Auto & Truck Parts, Inc. 7238
Group < a > 3065 LinkedIn
Guangdong Fang Ying Auto Component Industrial Co., Ltd. 9758
Guangzhou Lihua Brake Equipment Co., Ltd. 9300
Guangzhou Rongwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 10912
Guangzhou Yaopei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8804
Guangzhou Yihong Auto Parts Trade Co., Ltd. 8602
Guiyang Talfri Brake Co., Ltd. 10250
Guolian Electronic Co., Ltd. 10351
H.F. Sistema de Freio Ltda. (Hipper Freios) 5816 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Haiyan Zhenda Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. 10256
Halla Holdings 5436
Hangzhou Everbright Technology Co., Ltd. 8605
Hangzhou Langrun Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 9067
Hangzhou Radical Energy-Saving Technology Co., Ltd. 9542
Hangzhou Weili Machinery Co., Ltd. 4456
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hongtai Hardware and Tools Factory 11052
HD Group 2928
Hebei Junxiang Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. 10147
HELLA Automotive Sales, Inc. 1625
Henan Broad Top Metalwork Co., Ltd. 9931
Herko Automotive Group 1400 Exporter
Hi-Great Auto Parts Trading Ltd. 8707
HK Topest International Trading Limited 9160
Holly Industrial HK Ltd. 9407
Holstein Parts 36005 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Homer Enterprise Co., Ltd. 7738
Homer Hardware Inc. 8000
Hong Sung Brake Co., Ltd. 7821
Husky Corporation/S.U.R. & R. 1464 Exporter
Hwang Yu Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 8228
IAP, Inc. 4257 Exporter
Imperial Cable Industry Co., Ltd. 7317
Inroble International Inc. 1875 Upgraded Facebook
J&C Co., Ltd. 6545
Jetta Media Co., Ltd. 7719
Jiangsu Auk Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9200
Jiaxing Shundi Import and Export Co., Ltd. 42032
JS International Co., Ltd. 7928
Just In Fitting 10144 LinkedIn
Kang Rich International Corp. 8246
Kangrim Precision Co., Ltd. 7604
K-International Inc. 7826
KMX International 33013
Korea Autoparts Co., Ltd. 7929
KOREAUTOS Corp. 7926 LinkedIn
Laizhou Hongyuan Bench Vice Manufacture Co., Ltd. 9340
Laizhou Sanli Auto Replacement Parts Co., Ltd. 9946
Laizhou Sino-Autoparts Co., Ltd. 10650
Launch Tech USA 1255 Exporter
Liaoning Yuan Peng Auto Parts Mfg. Ltd. 8509 LinkedInFacebook
Longji Group Co., Ltd. 1861
Longkou Jinzheng Machinery Co., Ltd. 8842
Longkou Orsail Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8746
Longkou Qizheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9244
Longkou TLC Machinery Co., Ltd. 9240
Longyan Changtong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. 41024
LPR (Zhuhai) Auto Parts Ltd. 9826
Luthra Industrial Corporation 7635
Made-In-China.Com 10432
Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council 7202 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Man Wo Si Shock Absorber Co., Ltd. 9164
Master-Sport-Automobiltechnik (MS) Production-Distribution Center Wiesław Rutka 41015
Masu Brakes Pvt. Ltd. 3674 Upgraded
MAT Holdings, Inc. 4250
Michang Cable Co., Ltd. 7616
MJ De-Yi International Ltd. 6340 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
MKF Co., Ltd. 7923
Mopar-FCA US LLC 4671
Motorcar Parts of America, Inc. 4638 Upgraded
Motorcraft - Ford Motor Co. 5056 Exporter
Nakamoto Industrial Co. 7442
Nan Hoang Traffic Instrument Co., Ltd. 8838
New World Air Brake 42016
Newtek Automotive USA 6506 Exporter
Ningbo Jingdu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (BINLONG) 9433
Ningbo Meiyada Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 8939
Ningbo Shijun Auto Parts Technology Co., Ltd. 9409
Ningbo Yinzhou Wilton Autoparts Factory 10714
Nippon Suspension Parts Inc. 3876
North American Clutch (NAMCCO) 7146
NRS Brakes 5710
OE Global Parts, Inc. 7846 Exporter
Parts-Mall 7838
Perfect Brake Marketing Sdn Bhd 1884 Upgraded Facebook
Pheon Auto Tech Pvt. Ltd. 6023
Plews & Edelmann 3461 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Power Stop LLC 4420 Exporter
Premier West Auto Parts 4914
Pro Part Distributor Co., Ltd. 7316
Promax Auto Parts Depot Ltd. 6306
Promecanix 4482
Pujiang Winsafe Friction Material Co., Ltd. 32021
Qingdao Hainuo Machinery Production Co., Ltd. 11020
Qingdao KST Technology Inc. 10649
Qingdao Long Distance Technology Co., Ltd. 11019
Qingdao Pujie Industry Co., Ltd. 9662 LinkedInFacebook
Qingdao Saint.Bo Mechanical-Electronic Co., Ltd. 10651
Qingtai Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 7322
R.S. International 7730
Ravin Enterprises DMCC 8240
Raw King Brake Parts Co., Ltd. 7219
Raybestos Brakes/First Brands Group 3638 Upgraded
Rising Automotive, a division of NEAC, Inc. 8431
Robert Bosch LLC 5042 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
S&S Truck Parts, LLC 3679 Exporter
Safety Control Cable Ind. Co., Ltd. 1866
Sajones Co., Ltd. 8224
Sampa Otomotiv San. Ve. Tic. As. 33015 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Samsung Brake Corp. 7712
Sangsin Brake America Inc. 5810
SAP USA Truck & Auto Parts 3577 FacebookExporter
SENSEN Shocks & Struts by DMA Sales, LLC 37021 Exporter
Shandong Daqian Brake System Co., Ltd. 9262
Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd. 10038
Shandong Luda Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9755
Shandong Yudong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 7531
Shandong Zhengnuo Group Co., Ltd. 9950
Shanghai Saga Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 8905
Shaoxing Huaxing Spare Part of Automobile Co., Ltd. 9952
Shenyang Ersiwu Factory 1363
Shenyang Jinbei Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 8615
Shenyang Jinyuan Herli Automotive Components 5621
Shenyang Youte Engineering Co., Ltd. 10246
Shenzhen Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 10909
Shine Global 10344
Shou IE Industrial Group 2776
Sindicato Nacional da Industria de Componentes para Veiculos Automotores 5816
Sino Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd. 8609 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
SKN Brake Parts Inc. 4983 Exporter
Sook Automotive Components (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. 9505
Sortech Auto Parts LLC 29016
Speed Autoteile 4631
Sterling Inc. 7725
Stork Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. 7232
Sun Metals Group LLC 7143
Sunsong North America Inc 3274
Suntrust Machinery 11155
Super Circle Auto Limited 7231 FacebookTwitter
Suprajit Engineering Ltd. 7234
Suzhou Bearing Factory Co., Ltd. 10406
Suzhou Fangtian Industries Co., Ltd. 8750
Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. 5243
Taizhou Zhongji Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10248
Tianjin Jingangcheng Industry Co., Ltd. 9166
Tianjin Yaxing Radiator Co., Ltd. 9717
TMY Corporation 33005 Upgraded
Toyota & Mazda of North Miami 6034 Upgraded
Transbec 5752 LinkedInFacebook
TVA Automotive, Inc. 3783
UCX Calipers (Undercar Express) 4461 Upgraded Exporter
Uquality Auto Products Corp. 2276 Exporter
Wenling City Qiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 7807
Wenzhou Guochun Automotive Factory 9332
Wenzhou Libang Hexin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. 8932
Wenzhou Longfar Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 9961 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Wenzhou Topwest Brakes Co., Ltd. 37001
Wenzhou Wanhao Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 8414
Wenzhou Xintianhe Trading Co., Ltd. 9059
Western Rubber Products, Inc. 583 LinkedInExporter
Westlake Manufacturing Inc. 5910 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookExporter
Win Group 10044
Winhere Auto-Part Mfg. Co., Ltd. 1238 Upgraded Exporter
Witz Silon Technology Development Co., Ltd. 8600
WJB Automotive LLC 2271 Upgraded Facebook
Wookang High Precision Co., Ltd. 7930
World Autoparts Co., Ltd. 7714
Wuhu Jiesen Automobile Components Sales Co., Ltd. 10362
Wuxi Liaison Spring Co., Ltd. 7306
Xiamen Tinmy Industrial Co., Ltd. 9263
Xianghe Xumingyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 31033
Xinlida Auto Parts LLC 3261
Xinlong Machinery and Equipment (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. 8748
Yancheng Fangtian Auto Part Co., Ltd. 9642 LinkedInFacebook
Yancheng Reick Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. 9958
Yancheng Tianchi Auto Fitting Co., Ltd. 10446
Yang Light Engineering Company Ltd. 8020
Yantai Hongtian Autoparts Co., Ltd. 10652
Yar Jang Industrial Co., Ltd. 8606 LinkedIn
Yin Mau Industrial Co., Ltd. 8012
Yuholi Co., Ltd. 8440
Yuhuan Bohai Machinery Co., Ltd. 8902
Yuhuan Boyu Machinery Co., Ltd. 10340
Yuhuan Jianghong Machinery Co., Ltd. 10042
Yuhuan Weiyu Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 10159
Yung Chi Industry Co., Ltd. 757
ZF Aftermarket 5062 Upgraded FacebookTwitterExporter
Zhejiang Gongzheng Auto Parts Factory 7224
Zhejiang Mingtai Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. 10558
Zhejiang Orient Star Technology Co., Ltd. 9540
Zhejiang Shuangxiang Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 10560
Zhejiang Sunrich Brake Systems Co., Ltd. 8909
Zhejiang VOB Technology Co., Ltd. 9308
Zhi Fong Cables Industrial Co., Ltd. 8011
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