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Category: Fuel System

Exhibitor List Index

TYC/Genera Corporation 2043 Upgraded
Standard Motor Products, Inc. 4226 Upgraded Exporter
Denso 2226 Upgraded
Alfa Instruments Pvt. Ltd. 731
AMBAC International 36026
Anhui Zhonggong Science and Technology Shares Co., Ltd. 9305
APDI – Automotive Parts Distribution International LLC 2079
Archer Trans-Parts Co., Ltd. 8526
Area Diesel Service, Inc. 4176 FacebookTwitter
AUS Injection Inc. 5020
Autobest International Corporation 5804 Exporter
Bosch 5042 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Bostech 4375 Exporter
C.A.T. Products, Inc. (Run-Rite) 240 FacebookTwitterExporter
Chengdu Zhengheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9503
Chongqing XQK Enterprise Co., Ltd. 9709
Continental Corporation 2626 Upgraded Exporter
CPS Automotive/UView 1665 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Cross Ocean Automotive Ltd. 8442
D&W Diesel, Inc. 6248 Facebook
Delphi Technologies 5027 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Denso 2226 Upgraded
Diesel Forward – Alliant Power 6430
Dorman Products, Inc. 2820 Exporter
Eurostar Industries Inc. 4868
Evergreen Exports 4418
F-Diesel Power Co., Ltd. 10846
Flexbimec NA Corp. 170 Facebook
Flotamex S.A. de C.V. (Intran) 7433
Foreverparts Power Equipment Co., Ltd. 11146 Facebook
Gahbin Corporation 5924
Garima Global Pvt. Ltd. 4912
GB Remanufacturing, Inc. 4261 Exporter
GMB North America, Inc. 2061 Exporter
Hamburg- Technic 4868
Harris International Labs, Inc. 3557
Herko Automotive Group 1400 Exporter
Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. 5073 LinkedInExporter
HK Topest International Trading Limited 9160
Hytec Automotive Group 5445 Exporter
Ideal Clamp Products, Inc. 4033 Upgraded Exporter
Instrument Sales & Service 4473
ITI Co., Ltd. 755
Jesse Lai Incorporation 8234
JM Interpart Corp. 8242
Juin Daw Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8309
Lakeside Casting Solutions 533
Lantech Machinery Co., Ltd. 8417
LC Fuel Tank Manufacture Co. 8219
Liland Global 5425 Facebook
Marco Italy/MATE USA 1983
Nakamoto Industrial Co. 7442
Ningbo Wuhuan Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. 9430
ONIX Automotive 3076 Exporter
Ossca Auto Parts Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 9800
Ossca Parts (China) Co., Ltd. 4279
PIUSI USA, Inc. 1068
PurePower Technologies 4271 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Rajnish Industries Pvt. Ltd. 7726
Regitar USA, Inc. 1446 LinkedInFacebookExporter
Robert Bosch LLC 5042 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Samki Industrial Co., Ltd. 7614 LinkedIn
SAP USA Truck & Auto Parts 3577 FacebookExporter
Scepter 6206 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Schadek Automotive 5816 LinkedInFacebook
SDZ Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9434
Shanghai Yinchang Co., Ltd. 10553
Shenyang Golden Vidar Machinery & Equipment Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 8614 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Shenyang Jinbei Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 8615
Shenyang NSF Autos Co., Ltd. 8616
Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., Ltd. 10005
Shou IE Industrial Group 2776
Spectra Premium Industries 5036 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Speed Autoteile 4631
Standard Motor Products, Inc. 4226 Upgraded Exporter
Stant Corp. 4809 Exporter
Taizhou Blue Engine Oil Pump Co., Ltd. 8706
Taizhou Deep Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 9268, 8861
Taizhou Huizheng Auto Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd. 9238
The Recycler Core Co., Inc. 4168
TPG Plastics LLC 4543 Exporter
Trico Group 3038 LinkedIn
TYC/Genera Corporation 2043 Upgraded
US Motor Works, LLC 2457 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Walker Products, Inc. 2261 Upgraded LinkedInFacebookExporter
Wenling City Qiyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 7807
Wenzhou Anun Machine Co., Ltd. 9313
Wenzhou Credit Parts Co., Ltd. 7309
Wenzhou Guochun Automotive Factory 9332
Wenzhou Renqian Fuel Pump Co., Ltd. 9606
Wenzhou Wanhao Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 8414
Wenzhou Zoren Auto Electric Control Co., Ltd. 9533
Winstar International Industries Ltd. 7423
YBS Co., Ltd. 7715
Zhejiang Henko Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. 8928
Zhejiang Jinjia Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 9330, 8752
Zhejiang Master Injection System Co., Ltd. 9712
Zhejiang Shuangliang Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. 7217
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