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Category: Lighting (Automotive)

Exhibitor List Index

TYC/Genera Corporation 2043 Upgraded
Tungsram (U.S.) LLC, formerly GE Lighting 3233 Upgraded Exporter
Advanced Micro Electronics Co., Ltd. 8111
Aeromotive Services Inc. 4765
Alla Lighting 441 FacebookTwitter
Anchoring Junction Co., Ltd. 5540
Anhui Imp & Exp Co., Ltd. 10812
Au-Lite Lighting Inc. 8123
Autolite (India) Limited 7629
AutoNation Parts Network 6216 Upgraded
Auveco Products 3250 LinkedInFacebookExporter
Bayco Products, Inc. 4879 Exporter
Biolight Co., Ltd. 7809
Carter & Carter Holding International Ltd. 8901
CASP Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 8319
CEC Industries 4530 Exporter
Changzhou Mingzhi Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 39021
Changzhou Qunxing Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10711
Changzhou Wentao Auto Parts Factory 10932
Changzhou Xuri Vehicle Fittings Factory 7320
Ching Mars Corporation 8222
Cixi Grand Union Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10624
Comercial Dahua SA de CV 681
Conson Auto Electronics Co., Ltd. 10634
CTGen Co., Ltd. 7809 LinkedIn
Danyang Tianchi Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. 9207
Danyang Xinhuayang Auto Lamps Co., Ltd. 10455
Danyang Yuefeng Vehicle Co., Ltd. 8705
DEPO/Maxzone Auto Parts Corp. 3861
Desikhan Co., Ltd. 31008
Disco Automotive Hardware 3256 Exporter
DRiV 3217 Exporter
Eagle Eyes Traffic Ind. Co., Ltd. 8225 Facebook
ECCO 3816 LinkedInFacebook
Edison-Litek Opto Corporation 8310
Esuse Auto Parts Mfg. Co., Ltd. 8544
Ether Photoelectric Limited 10617
Evershow Automotive Co., Ltd. 3266
FLOSSER GmbH & Co. KG 5930 Upgraded
Fortop Industrial Co., Ltd. 8116 LinkedIn
Fortune Parts Industry Public Co., Ltd. 7415
FSL Autotech Co., Ltd. 41020
Garima Global Pvt. Ltd. 4912
Greation Manufacturing Inc. 7522
Grote Industries 4616 LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Guangdong Shunde Wllighting Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 10717
Guangzhou Bory Auto Light Co., Ltd. 10309 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Guangzhou Forda Signal Co., Ltd. 5944
Guangzhou Hotto Autoparts Co., Ltd. 10115
Guangzhou Jianguang Lighting Co., Ltd. 7700
Guangzhou JLW Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 10914
Guangzhou Matec Electronics Co., Ltd. 10117
Guangzhou Pro Light Auto Parts Co., Ltd. 10030
Guangzhou Rongwei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 10912
Guangzhou Sunon Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. 10313
Halla Cast 7809
Hanma Co., Ltd. 10732
HELLA Automotive Sales, Inc. 1625
HOJA Lighting Products Co., Ltd. 10719 Upgraded LinkedIn
Instrument Sales & Service 4473
J Mark Technology Co., Ltd. 8221
J&N – a Division of Arrowhead Engineered Products 428 Exporter
Jagan Lamps Limited 7625 Twitter
Jesse Lai Incorporation 8234
Jiashan Qianxinhe Electrics Technology Co., Ltd. 42028
Just Auto Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 8331
Kuo Chuan Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. 8015
Longson International Corp. 39035
Lucky Colour Industrial Limited 7324
Lumiko Heliolite 4443 LinkedInFacebookExporter
Made-In-China.Com 10432
Mao Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd. 8028
Max Inc. International 11221
Maxgrand Ltd. 2074
Maxsa Innovations, LLC 736 Exporter
Mycarr Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 10458
MYCHANIC 1871 Exporter
Namyung Lighting Co., Ltd. 7609
New Focus Auto Tech. Inc. 468 Exporter
Ningbo Auma Electric Technology Co., Ltd. 11048
Ningbo Beilun Haiyu Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd. 10824
Ningbo Haishu Forcar Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. 10009
Ningbo Motor Link Import and Export Co., Ltd. 10926
Ningbo Yinzhou Longteng Tool Factory 9802 LinkedIn
North American Signal Company 5017 LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Old World Industries/PEAK 1838 Exporter
Optronics International 3329 Exporter
Pacific Best, Inc. 5424
Peterson Manufacturing Co. 4835 LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Pheon Auto Tech Pvt. Ltd. 6023
Philips Automotive 2620 Upgraded Exporter
Photo-Top Technologies Co., Ltd. 32009
Power Link Engineering Products Co., Ltd. 8643
Pro Part Distributor Co., Ltd. 7316
Regionmax 644
Rising Automotive, a division of NEAC, Inc. 8431
SCI 2673 LinkedIn
Shanghai Raylin International Trade Co., Ltd. 36011
Shenzhen Star Technology Co., Ltd. 10713
Shenzhen Watt Auto Electrical Co., Ltd. 10930
Shenzhen Zeal Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. 10011
Shiey Joung Enterprise Co., Ltd. 8333 Facebook
Shining Blick Enterprise Co., Ltd. 5922
SoarHigh Co., Ltd. 35027
Speed Autoteile 4631
Sunlight Towing Inc. 8238
Suprajit Engineering Ltd. 7234
Sylvania 2638 Exporter
TAITRA-Taiwan Excellence 8034 Facebook
TCL Very Lighting Technology (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. 10816
Tianjin Yaxing Radiator Co., Ltd. 9717
Tiger Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. 10738
Top Screw Metal Corp. 8302 LinkedInFacebookTwitter
Trade of AMTA, Inc. dba Boxer Tools 7038 LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Tungsram (U.S.) LLC, formerly GE Lighting 3233 Upgraded Exporter
TYC/Genera Corporation 2043 Upgraded
Uriah Products, LLC 40032 LinkedInFacebook
Valens Company Limited 136
Valeo North America, Inc. 2250 LinkedInFacebookTwitterExporter
Veise (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd. 10209
Wenzhou Hongda Police Equipment Shares Co., Ltd. 38004
Wenzhou Xintianhe Trading Co., Ltd. 9059
WESEM Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Sp. k. 6347 LinkedInFacebook
Winplus North America Inc. 825 Exporter
Xiaogan Realight Auto Lighting Co., Ltd. 11223
XYZ Fasteners/Source Auto Body 2883
Yarton Enterprise Co., Ltd. 2983
Zhejiang ES Auto Accessories Co., Ltd. 10022
Zhejiang Groupstar Automotive Lamp Co., Ltd 10021
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